Top 12 Guys Reviewed

David Hernandez

This guy looks like he practices in front of the mirror way too much. He wants to have all the right look. He has a nice voice, but nothing really special.

Jacuzzi… no… err… Chikezie

First of all, I have to disagree with the dropping of the last name. Instead of going with Ezay, he should have gone with the awesomeness that rolls off the tongue “Chikeze Easy.”

First of all, WHAT are you wearing! the salmon/rust colored suit with the dysfunctional collar was just plain awkward.

But to the singing: the beginning sucked, but when he got into the song and relaxed the magic started in his higher R&B range. You have to remember, my woman Melinda sang this song last year and kicked it in the behind!

This guy has potential, so I’m not writing him off… but never talk back to our Simon!

David Cook

This guy needs lessons from Daughtry on how to hold a mic stand. It was all right. I didn’t love it. He’s not my favorite. The whole rock version of “Happy Together” was a cool thing, and he almost made it work.

Jason Yeager

I have to give a shoutout to my fellow Texan from Grand Prairie. But how does this guy have a son that’s like 10 years old?!?! He doesn’t look a day over 25. But then, Simon said it made him old. I’m so confused!

The song turned out to be a little too Disney – “I Can Show You the World” – for me. Pitch problems in places, and just general issues. He does have a nice smile, though.

Robby Carrico

Up until tonight, we’ve not seen much of this guy. Apparently he toured with Brittany, and honestly I would expect a bit more from a pro like that.

His voice is all right. I think he would get more mileage from a more clean, young, ‘boy band’ kind of look. The scuzzy look doesn’t really work for him. Yeah, I’m not believing the rocker thing.

His voice is pretty good, but it’s not great.

David Archuleta

OK – so this guy is 17 years old, and won “Star Search” when he was 13. The question is, is that voice of his actually done changing yet? He really has a high speaking voice.

He sure picked a unique song, “Shop Around.” He was really into it though, and seemed way comfortable on that stage for a 17 year old. He really blew out the end of the song, and he really did the song justice. That was a great performance.

Danny Noriega

Other than getting behind once or twice in the lyrics, it was all right. He does have a voice, but he’s got to get rid of the low rise jeans! They are falling off his rear.

I will say, though, that Elvis did a little turn in his grave – such a manly staple of the birth of rock ‘n roll done by such a mamby-pamby pansy pants… I have an issue with it!

Luke Menard

I like this guy’s maturity – even just in his videos, he seems like a grounded adult – and I think that helps his music. There is actually something going on upstairs while he sings a song.

He has a very nice recording voice, very pleasant and nice to listen to. He is another that we didn’t really hear a lot from in the auditions, so it will be interesting to see how wide his range is – if he can only do those weenie flimsy fasetto songs, or see if he can also blow it out.

Colton Berry

Tele-tubbies theme song man… Wow. What a coping mechanism!

I thought it was a great song choice. The more upbeat sections were a bit manic, though… you can tell he’s a stage performer. He bounces around in the camera frame like a bad game of pong. It was a pretty good performance, but I’m 100% with Simon, this guy is not a recording voice yet.

Garrett Haley

This guy actually looks like a he came right from the shire. He’s kind of a wreck to look at… mostly because his hair isn’t matching anything else thats going on with him. …But there is a memorable quality in his voice. I think he has a possibility of going somewhere in the competition if he can make it through these first few weeks. That being said, the song is a wreck. It’s too slow, bad song choice. It’s almost like he’s too nice and didn’t show up to play. He has the personality and charisma of a former Amish.

Jason Castro

Another shout out to the ANOTHER guy from my backyard here in Dallas. I thought it was pretty good, actually. The song doesn’t really lend itself to much of a performance, but the worse thing to do would have been to over-perform that song. It’s more of one of those sitting under a tree on a warm summer day songs, and he perfectly painted that picture for me and took me there. That’s the signature of a great artist.

Michael Johns

Our resident Australian can sing. I wasn’t a big fan of the Bohemian Rhapsody in Hollywood week, but I think he is a memorable character with a good voice. He’s a class act with some natural charisma. He is totally comfortable in his own skin, which you can’t say for most of the other ‘kids’.

I think there is MORE in there, though. He’s still holding back something, and if he can find it, I think he can really go far.


Who should go home this week: Garrett, Jason Yeager

Who might go home that shouldn’t: Luke, Chikezie

Overrated: David Cook, Robbie

Oh yeah, and the Simon SNUB during the goodbyes was absolutely hilarious… My #2 favorite AI moment of the season so far.

One thought on “Top 12 Guys Reviewed”

  1. Ok yes, I love David Archuleta. Has he ever sang a note out of tune? Wow. David Cook was better than everyone was giving him credit (I Think they are trying to keep him humble)That Danny guy? Oh my word. At one point I asked myself if he was a girl or a boy and then remembered it was “guys day” so he had to be male. He is the epitome of a 16 year old girl. It’s a little scary. Luke. He is so cute and I agrre with whiteeyebrows. Garrett, poor little guy, didn’t know what he was getting inot when he tried out apparently. Jason Castro. Wow. I can’t believe his response. He was honestly and genuinely shocked that anyone liked his performance. Yet when he did it it was so natural and comfortable. Amazing. He will beat out Melinda for genuineness anyday. He was literally speechless. didn’t know what to say. It was endearing. Michael Johns I am afraid is a lock. He’s got it all (I am not really afraid of this I like him) he is memorable, he is talented, he has the experience and comfort level on stage. He’ll sail.

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