Top 12 Reviewed

First, a word about the new set design… I love the old school “shell” look with the cool projections and the band sitting on top. I’m still emotionally attached to the old set, but this one will grow on me.

Now to the singing…


It was all right, but just all right. I feel like she has yet to hit one out of the park, like she did in Hollywood week. Her time to make a splash is quickly passing, though, as the other contestants are consistently bringing their “A” game.


Wow… this was totally off the hook. He came out, had nothing to lose, and left it all on stage. The arrangement was fun, but most important, he performed the heck out of that song. It was really great. We were a little unsure about his green tie, but it turned out all right.


Sometimes when I work at the chinese joint, I go home smelling like soy sauce. Wow.. deep. When Paua leads off with “you look amazing tonight,” you know you’re in trouble… and it was super boring. She gave us no reason to vote for her. pouty pouty… her annoyance factor is growing a lot with all the pouting and ‘cutsie’ crap she’s pulling.


Nice ‘woop’ shout out to the Texas A&M folks. For you non-texans, you won’t understand the ‘woop’. It is very special to all those aggies.

The singing? I kind of liked it. It was a slower song like Ramiele, but not boring like Ramiele. Whats up with the vest, though… is it blue, green, slate, paisley… should have definitely ditched the vest.


The ‘pretty’ thing isn’t really working for me. I liked it when she was a little more rough around the edges. The tats don’t really lend themselves to the glam. Plus, I think she forgot a key undergarment… I’m just saying… What is going on here? Is this reality show a makeover show or talent show?

Check out what I mean… here’s her original audition vs tonight’s performance.  What is up with the ‘high glam’ look?

eyetvsnapshot7.jpg eyetvsnapshot6.jpg

I like the Beatles version of this song SOOOO much better. I think she did an all right job with it, and really gave it a lot of energy, I just can’t get the original out of my head. I am getting a little tired of the Judge’s favoritism toward her… she is such a favorite child of the judges.

David C

David has painted fingernails.. and they didn’t look like they were a solid color, either. So he is super-cool and a rocker now, cause painted nails are HARDCORE! He definitely thinks he’s a rock star…

I was super skeptical of Eleanor Rigby working as a rock overdrive song. But the more I watched it, the more I bought it. By the end in the replays, it really stood out to me as one of the best performances of the night. Mr. Archleta et al, you don’t quite have this puppy sewn up yet. We’ve got a live one there!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Stop saying thank you. Her annoyance factor keeps going up.

I think this song choice was a problem for her. Let it Be is on par with Imagine as an incredibly special song… and yet she didn’t do much to make it special. She has a very memorable voice, but picking that song was a little safe for her.

David H, Amanda, Michael

I didn’t get to see these three performances tonight because my recording crapped out. But from the recap at the end, it looked like David was just so-so, Amanda did pretty good, and Michael was just so-so. You’ll have to enlighten me with your opinions here.

Kristy Lee

Nice to have some variety with country… I think”dolly parton on helium” is like one of the best quotes this season. I think Kristy Lee is in trouble this week. Deep trouble. Good bye, honey. As Tamara said, I hope you don’t go this week so we don’t have to hear you sing that song again tomorrow…


David didn’t really work it out on that song for me. It was awkward for us all, but I’m not surprised. The guy had to have an off week sometime. It’s just too bad that it had to be the week when you have some of the greatest songs ever to choose from.

…and now a word about Ryan Seacrest…

Ryan was just super awkward tonight. What was up with the whispering sweet nothings into Simon’s ear? And all the awkward banter between the two. It’s really reaching awkward levels. Almost like an inside joke that no one, not even them, is a part of.


Chickezie’s stock went up the most tonight…

Best of the Night: David Cook

Going home: Kristy Lee Cook

Also, me and the Brauns got talking afterwards about artists whose songs we would like to hear this year. If you have any ideas, post a comment.

Here’s our list:
Neil Diamond
John Denver
Bono / U2
The Police
Rod Stewart
Johnny Cash
Simon and Garfunkel
James Taylor

5 thoughts on “Top 12 Reviewed”

  1. Ok well, I agree and disagree with you depending…

    Here’s my break down….

    Syesha – I agree with you. so-so, eventually that’s going to hurt her

    Chickese – great. As you said, he sung the heck out of it, and was thoroughly entertaining. I wasn’t very familiar with the song, but got caught right up into it as he was so fun and exciting. Yeah his stock went WAY up.

    Ramiele – is an idiot. Sorry Ramiele out there, I know you can read this if you wanted to, but you seem so uneducated. Soy sauce? Who cares? No ONE. That’s really your whole life? Soy sauce in a restaurant? I know they edit your response and took out other things that you said, we don’t buy the “we became BFF’s in only 8 weeks” attitude you try to give off. No one really believes your fake emotions and you are becoming very annoying. The pouty crap during the judges? I know it must be hard to think of what to do and how to react to the judges, but that’s the dumbest thing I have seen. No one is buying it. You’re star is sinking fast.

    Jason – I just really like him. He’s honest, he’s not faking much, he’s interesting. He’s real when he sings. His singing tells a story or, says something to me. I just like him.

    Carly – yeah, judges have been trying to make her out to be something she isn’t from the beginning. They realize their comments make a big difference and they are going to talk her up no matter what. But I actually liked her song this week and thought it was much better. THough her mouth and they way she holds her left hand are funny I have a hard time watching her sometimes.

    David C. It was great. It was updated and contemporary. I think he is making a run for it. He also comes off as a profesh. Like he’s comfortable on stage. I had to show my hubby last weeks performance of Hello cause he didn’t see it and I loved it more last night than I did before. He is really going in the right direction.

    Brooke- I totally disagree with you. I think she is getting less annoying. I think she is beautiful and not “putting on a show” she isn’t trying to be something she’s not. She is just being herself. And she’s concentrating on making great music, she is real and genuine. I thought she said thank you less than before and her Let it Be was great. Face it, if she comes out gyrating on the stage it’s going to be wierd don’t you think? She is mature, composed, and has a great personality. She is just being herself and not making up crap like some 4′ philipino chick that shall remain nameless.

    David H. – was just blah. He was trying to be fun and entertaining with a cutsie song and a lot of dancing and stylized moves. but it was just so so and he had to say about 100 times in his video that he goes to school at ASU and then goes to work AT THE PIZZA BISTRO. I mean it was in what? the USA Today or something about him being a stripper or something. It’s not like it was just on the internet somewhere. We see that you are trying to dispell this thought of you as a stripper, but lots of people read that paper. And we aren’t sure who is lying… and since you aren’t the best one in the group you will go soon. Sorry. I once really liked you, but you days are numbered I think, the most you can do is a couple more weeks.

    Amanda – blah, she looks interesting and sings different songs and has her own style, so why am I not excited for her performances? For a change up? I don’t know. She’s just okay to me.

    Michael – he isn’t stepping it up at all. he was SO much better in hollywood week. I don’t know if he is saving up or what. He is just boring right now.

    Kristy – I thought it was horrible. IT was awful. Not necessarily the singing just the whole thing. YOu looked like a robot, nothin’ The country style background was grating and annoying. The paula’s snub at the end when ryan asked her the question about liking her and she said something about her having fans. I mean Paula, the fake nice one, couldn’t even say she liked her. It’s over. I am so sorry cause you are gorgeous, but I know you are packing your bags today.

    David – he fell apart. I guess they all have to have a bad week. But it was a bit sad. Luckily we all like him and he’s done great things on other weeks. He sure is talented, but you sure can tell he’s only 17.

    I thought Ryan was in rare form last night. And I have liked him more in the last 2 years than before. However the inside jokes are annoying and I wish he and Simon would stop that. The gay joke is tired too. We don’t care if Ryan or Simon are gay just get on with the show. for instance, I thought it was nice that Ryan got Brookes shoes, and yet they made it into a not-funny joke. I don’t know it was dumb. Just stick to the show.

    There you go.

  2. Okay, quick run down from me, if anyone cares:

    Syesha: Nothing special

    Chickese: I am beginning to understand the rust colored suit more and more each week. He is fun and unique.

    Ramiele: Never liked her from the start. Every little thing about her annoys me from the pout, to the fake emotion, even the way she purses her lips together when she has a second to while singing. A-NNOY-ING.

    Jason: He is still my top. I love this guy. I look forward to his performance every week.

    Carly: I think she has a pretty solid voice, but she is definitely not the stand out performer that everyone is trying to make her out to be.

    David C: I really liked him. Didn’t love the beginning but he rocked it in the end. What is it about rockstars and having to drag the mike stand around? That was the only thing that bugged me and made me feel like he was less authenic. Don’t just do it because that is what rockstars are supposed to do.

    Brooke: I love her. I think she is so in tune with what she is singing. You could tell that she was really emotional invested into that song and she was so sincere and sweet afterward. She is a reminder to me that American Idol has come a long way and it is not the pop star show that it started out as.

    David H.:It would have been in his best interest to do a more of a ballad where he is just standing still because I just couldn’t stop thinking “gay male stripper” as he gyrated through the crowd and onto the stage. In fact, what did he even sing? I can’t remember.

    Amanda: I am with you Angie, she just isn’t doing it for me. I have never enjoyed her.

    Michael: I thought his performance was a little dull, but I do think his vocal was really good and he was feeling the song. I think he needs to pick it up a little though. Has never been one of my favorites and still isn’t.

    Kristy: This song made me panicky. The band was playing so fast and I was so concerned about her being able to keep up with them that I was a nervous wreck the whole time. We don’t need another Carrie Underwood so I think it is her time to go. I am also tired of looking at her while she is performing. It always looks like she is riding a horse with her legs spread.

    David: I totally saw this coming. He definitely showed his age tonight. That was a 17 year old’s performance for sure. I came across him singing Imagine on the internet the other day when he was younger and before he hit puberty. I actually really enjoyed it, but it made me question whether or not he will be able to continue to give great performances. He had been singing Imagine forever so obviously he will have it perfected. I just hope he really is as good as he has seemed and this was just an off week.

  3. Dang, I hit submit comment before I had finished.

    Anyway, I thought it was a pretty good night. I have always been bothered by the awkwardness between Ryan and Simon. Whether it really is just for show or real, I don’t care, it is uncomfortable and I think it takes away from the performances. i.e. Brooke and the shoe situation. Simon was totally out of line poking fun because it wasn’t a funny moment.

  4. ah ha ha ha. I like the comment about Kristy riding a horse. YOu are right about that! hee hee

  5. All I have to say is that I’m COMPLETELY shocked at the eliminiation from last night. Not that I didn’t want to see him go…just that I, like I think the rest of America, thought Kristy Lee was a gonner for sure! Wow. Bad press goes a long way. I’m baffled. Who knows what will happen next!

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