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Well, my dear American Idol fans, the season is coming swiftly to a close, and here we are at what might be one of the most exciting finale’s of AI history. The two boys go head to head in what might have been a knock down drag out, but what ended up as a good old fashioned butt whoopin’, complete with the out of control judges totally taking sides.

Let’s start by talking theme. Is it just me or did they take the boxing metaphor just a little too far??? Oh, but I’m glad they got this one right… yes, David Archuleta is “…weighing in at around 100 lbs.”

But lets look past the stupid intro, and to things that really matter, like our Judges… Paula is bedazzled tonight (like Monday’s microphone), and Simon is (yet again) baring a bit too much chest… just slightly inappropriate for a man his age.

Now to some reviews of actual singing…

David Cook

Only To Be With You: This is a great song choice, and I think he did all right with it. The first part was exciting, but the middle lost some gas. It’s almost as if he was more concerned with how he was going to get up onto the little platform behind the judges.

Oh yeah, and someone needs to inform Randy we’re in 2008… Randy told Cook he was the best contestant of 2007. Who knows? Maybe he meant what he said…

Dream Big: First of all, I like the song. It’s not quite as bubble-gum-candy-store-sappy like the ones in the past couple of years have been. I’m glad… you’d hope that with the biggest TV show in the world, they could find a couple decent songwriters.

However, I got a vibe during that song from David Cook that he wasn’t really into the song… but he brought it home in the end. “You were singing your face off,” Randy says.

World That I Know: I’m totally on the fence after this performance. I thought it was technically good. I thought he was semi-engaged in it… but there was something else wrong… He threw in a few little emo head jabs in it? Was that it? I’m not sure. Perhaps it was because he was judge hating in his heart for giving the first two rounds to Archuleta… I’m just too exhausted right now to put my finger on it.

SIDENOTE: Apparently Paula is off of her 12 step program, and someone has swapped her Coke cup for the typical hard liquor.  She had some great quotes tonight… for the first 3 or 4 times she opened her mouth, she just told the contestant why they fit the song title.  Weird.  But this one took the cake: “You’re standing in [a puddle of] your own truth!” What does this mean, Paula?  (true, I added the words in brackets, but you have to admit, it makes it sound so much funnier!)

Now… time to take a minute and sit down with brother cook. We need to have a chat. I understand you are a bit miffed at the judges, seeing how they weren’t digging anything you were doing tonight.. but that’s no excuse to take such a jab at Archuleta for choosing his well loved Imagine for a third song.  That was a pretty classless remark… definitely a backhanded comment, and definitely cost you in the respect category.

Hard to choose, but I say Cook’s best song was #2…

[flashvideo filename=video/top2-cook.flv /]

David Archuleta

Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me:  Wow.  Wow… wow.  At first I thought this might be a snoozer compared to Cook’s opener, but boy did Archuleta lay the hammer down!  He was even doing up/down movements with his typically side/side-only right hand!  He was INTO this thing!  He really sang it to win it.  I give the kid props

SIDENOTE: I have to interject a brilliant comment here… when they were pushing the American Idol Tour tickets Tam piped up:  “It just wouldn’t be American Idol with out a hard sell.”


Original Song (name?): I liked the pace of his new song, again an improvement over last year. I just look at this kid and what he does with his voice, and just can’t believe he is 17 years old! He is something else! At this time, I have to say that I have to vote for David Archuleta. He just won me over with this mediocre song.  You sit there on the couch and just take in what an incredible talent this guy is, and so geniunely “aww shucks” about it all.

I hate to say it, but Cook’s tears at the end seemed just a little manufactured… like he is pushing for the emotion just a bit.  I know there’s some kind of weird unstated weirdness going on in his personal life, with the comments the judges are making, but dang… come on.  Out with it.

Imagine: As uncreative as the decision to sing Imagine again was, I think it was the right decision. Archuleta reminded all of us why and how we fell in love with him way back in the top 20. This was the song that set him apart at the outset, and it was just as good as before – if not slightly better.

Simon says, “A knock out!” TKO goes to David Archuleta…

David’s best song tonight (and perhaps one of his best of the season) was his first:

[flashvideo filename=video/top2-archuleta.flv /]

We’ll see ya’ll tomorrow at the FINALE!

My Prediction: David ARCHULETA!

6 thoughts on “Top 2 Reviewed”

  1. I couldn’t believe how much they favored one over the other. It was so uneven. And the truth is, I think, that David Cook is WAY better than lots of other AI finalists in the past. IE he would WIPE THE FLOOR with Taylor Hicks. So it’s interesting that last night was so uneven. Also what a difference if you juxatpose Fantasia’s performance with Reuben’s last night. hee hee

  2. Archuleta walked away with it. Although I think Simon really had the fix in against Cook.

  3. I take full responsibility for W.E.’s exhaustion as we imposed on his patience to the enth degree by making him wait until after 9 to watch the finale.

    That said, I was a little torn going into it but after watching the full show, I am now fairly convinced that Cook is a bit of a punk so I’m for Archie-baby all the way. Plus, let’s be real. Archuletta stole that show. Cook was down for the count. (That last boxing reference was for you, W.E. since I know you grew as tired as I did of them.)

  4. I have to wonder what David Cook sounds like live. His TV sound is always a bit muffled and kind of lacks in “umph”. I can appreciate the “raspy” sound because that is the style he is going for. It just sounds like it needs for power/volume. I’m going with David A. I was kind of on the fence until the top 2 performances but now I’m rooting for David A. I think he is more moldable and has the better raw talent.

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