Top 3 Idols Reviewed

Tonight just wasn’t as good as I’d thought it would be.  In years past, the show where the contestants and judges got the most freedom to pick songs has proved to be the most innovative and unexpected.  This year?  It was just… more of the same crap…

Round 1 – Judges Picks

Danny: Danny’s first song was pretty good.  I thought it was a very good song choice for him to just kind of do what the original was.  Didn’t see any major creative change to the song, which was OK for me.  He did his think and started the show off right – getting everyone dancing – albeit awkwardly.  🙂


Seacrest (referring to Simon and Paula’s interactions at the judges table.) “That’s either second base or harassment!” Nice one, Seacrest!!!

Kris: Well, I thought he did a reasonable job with it.  Was it a ‘top 3’ performance?  No.  Was it great?  No.  Was it better than Danny and Adam?  mmm… it was on par with them.

Adam: Ugh.  He slaughtered this song… in the bad way.  U2 should be ashamed.  Bono should never allow amateur hour with his songs again.  The first part was actually really cool, but when he tried to get all rock-n-roll and intense about it, it went off the rails.

I thought that they all messed up the Judges picks.  They were all good, but there was something wrong with all of them for me.

Round 2 – Contestant’s Picks

Danny: “A vocal masterclass” says Simon… and he’s right.  In the masterclass, someone demonstrates an incredible array of vocal techniques.  He did show all his colors and range.  I think he really left it all out on the table.  It was all Danny could do to get into the finals, I think.

Kris: This was the best of the night by a long shot!  It was intense and connected.  It was unique.  It was arranged well.  It was spot on, vocally.  It was comfortable and fun.  This one deserves a video:

[flashvideo filename=”/video/ai8/3-kris.flv” /]

Adam: Another pretentious performance.  I feel like he really let this one fly off the hook even more than usual.  Yes, he is 110% committed to the peformance, and I will give him MAJOR props for that… but he’s bridging on completely out of control!  He really needs to keep that tongue in his mouth.  He’s even needlessly brandishing it now.  And you all know how I feel about Adam’s tongue…

OK.. so who will go home?

In the back of my mind I’m hoping that Danny goes home.  I think Kris is different enough from Adam to really make a run at him.  I think when you put Danny and Adam together, Danny just doesn’t have a chance.

One thing is for sure, this is a HOT top 3.  They can all really really sing, which totally puts some of our previous finalists (Season 6 – HELLO!) to shame!

So good on you, American Idol, for keeping the game stepped up!

8 thoughts on “Top 3 Idols Reviewed”

  1. I’m not a regular American Idol fan – I think I’ve watched for a total of 3 times now. It just so happens that it comes on just during Carrie’s Tue evening tap class when I’m puttering around looking for something to do for an hour, so I watched the last 2 weeks. While I don’t have any expertise on some of the finer vocal qualities demonstrated, I must say I was floored by Adam’s performances. I thought he was clearly in a different league than Kris and Danny. I liked Danny’s performances, nothing special though. Same with Kris’ second one. Kris’ first one left a lot to be desired, sounded to mechanical, not much emotion, and yes that bad note which even I heard. I agree that Kris can probably fare better against Adam than Danny, but I can’t figure why you don’t give Adam more credit. That’s just me though.

  2. K so my analysis.

    Danny part 1. Fine, ok, good. He sounds too, but I am finding myself not ENTERTAINED by him.
    Danny part 2. I was BORED. I even remembered a message I had to give hubby and told him during the song. I was bored.

    Kris part 1. I thought Simon said it best. I was a decent singing of the song. Not exciting to memorable. However, I LOVE this song and when I saw One Republic sing it on “So you think you can dance” I really fell in love with it. Comparatively not as good as them. at all.

    Kris part 2. I LOVED it. I thought it was risky to go without the band and everything. I loved it. It was great.

    Adam preface. I think W.E. doesn’t like Adam cause he reminds him of all the pretentious cranky people he worked with when he was in the music theater business. The unhumble, primadonnas that were so hard for him to work with back in the day.

    However, even W.E. can’t deny that Adam has the ability to do interesting things to a song, and in tune.

    Adam part 1. I LOVED the beginning. I was starting to think that this was going to be a great moment for him, but then the 2nd half was not so good. I was having a hard time following the meaning or story of the song at all by that point, and it was all falling apart by then.

    Adam part 2. Eh. I don’t know what to say. To me that song takes me back instantaneously to my senior year in high school. So when I hear it I feel the word “dated” come to my mind. Yeah, aerosmith is legendary, but you’ve done the rock thing. Surprise us. I was just ho hum. However, I can say that I like the way he sounds when he sings. and I am always interested to see what happens.

    AFter thought. – I have been fast forwarding the show from the moment Kara quits talking from the moment Simon starts talking. I notice I fast forward Paula on every contestant. I don’t mind the stuff when Paula teaches the kids to dance, or even when she performed herself. I don’t mind her, I just CAN’T STAND her judging.

  3. OH yeah, I forgot to add… I agree 100% with the finale analysis. I think Kris can make a better run for the title against Adam because of style and fan base differences.

    And also, if they are going to spend the time and money to send home the contestants why don’t they show any of it?

  4. #1 – Mike, yes… I am unfairly mean to Adam just because I don’t like him. He is mad talented. He has an incredible instrument. He probably is going to win this year. The problem is, I hate the fact that the Judges already awarded it to him from Day 1, and I hate his smug little pretend humility. And I hate the fact that he is so freaking talented that he is just a chameleon from week to week. I still don’t know what kind of artist or album he would make. If I really knew him, I would probably like him and we would be BFFs, but right now he is public enemy #1 of W.E. and I must hate on every thing he does, even if it is for no reason or defies logic.

    #2 – TLS – well done. dead on.

    #3 – My favorite rendition of “Apologize” is actually by Big Bro. Ask him to sing it for you one day. It’s really good! 🙂

  5. It never occurred to me that that was WHY I hated Adam, too. Thank you for putting it into words, TLS.

    I’m with you, I think Kris is the only chance for beating Adam. We all know Adam will make an album regardless of where he places. And I’m fairly sure that I will be just as quickly bored by his screaming on an album as I am on stage. Personally, I would just rather watch Kris on stage. . . And I hope he knocks Adam off of his stupid pedestal.

  6. Couple observations (a day late) – I usually don’t pay attention to Randy, but I actually heard what he said about Heartless and he was right. I recently discovered The Fray’s version and had decided it was my new favorite song. Kris’ rendition took what The Fray guys did and made it even better. And Kanye’s original doesn’t compare to either of them. I predict Kanye will refuse to allow anyone else to cover any of his songs again. His ego won’t be able to handle it.

    Also – Did anyone else want to punch Adam when he said we should rewind and listen to his version of “One” again as if none of us has heard of some obscure band called U2? Ugh. I’ve really liked him since “Ring of Fire” but after that comment I finally understood why so many people don’t.

  7. The only time I have voted was when I set up a special program on my phone to make it call over and over and over again for a particular contestant in Season 5. Since then, no more.

    Except you’d better believe I’ll be voting next Tuesday. In fact, I may have to set up my program again. 🙂

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