Idol Finale – It’s ON!

First things first…



Three weeks in a row.


But I won’t remind everyone what a genius I am… I will just let the results speak for themselves….

It’s a Adam / Kris Showdown!!!

I wasn’t feeling it until after the results were announced last night, but now I’m TOTALLY revved up for this finale!

(P.S. Finale Party is on Tuesday this year, folks… I’m sending out the Facebook invite today!)

This is going to be a great finale, not only for the dynamic that I described yesterday (that Kris is the only one of the Top 5 different enough from Adam to really take it from him), but also for the fact that it is two of the best, most ready, singers on Idol… EVER!

It was appropriate that Jordin Sparks was on AI last night.  Not because she totally is being pimped-out and product-ized due to her lack of songwriting ability.  Anyone else notice how she is making a song with every hot artist out there, but has nothing really to call her own?   (Is that the definition of a music who…???)

Oh wait… forgot… I was talking about Kris.

It was appropriate that Jordin was on last night because Kris reminds me a lot of her – a really good singer that kept skating through early, doing well and not making waves,  but didn’t really get noticed until it was too late and they were already shooting to the top.  I’m not calling him a ‘dark horse’, nor have I already awarded the finale prize to Adam (like the Judges have over and over again).  I am really proud of Kris.

Just remember.  A vote FOR Kris is a vote AGAINST Adam!
Just remember. A vote FOR Kris is a vote AGAINST Adam!

Adam will be a formidable opponent.  He will no doubt wag his tongue several times next Tuesday.  He will shout and give pretentious smiles, but Kris, with his unending charm, ease under pressure, and laid back demeanor, can still totally take this from Adam, the presumptive (BIG empasis on the presumptive part) winner.

Will he be able to contain his tongue for an entire hour?  We'll see next week!
Will he be able to contain his tongue for an entire hour? We'll see next week!

Hey… speaking of presumptive winners… this reminds me of someone else who was only recently the presumptive winner… and who totally got taken to school in the finale…

sorry, Mark... I had to do it...
Sorry Mark... I had to do it...

Go Kris!

4 thoughts on “Idol Finale – It’s ON!”

  1. Kris = Superfly. Adam Lamber = so 5 minutes ago. May the finale reflect this truth. Bring on the ParTay!

  2. Kris has surprised me every week. Each week when he gets up to bat I think, “well, this is probably it for him”, and then he proceeds to stand up and give a cool performance. And his final song…AWESOME. I have been playing it back all week! Really, it was great and the truth is, I want to listen to him in my car. So, he’s got my vote for sure. He’s contemporary, interesting, sweet, and handsome.

    Then there’s Adam. GIVE ME A BREAK! If I have to see any more tongue-flapping, I think I’m going to be sick. And stop shouting already. Yes, we know you’re a rock star or whatever but lay off!

    And W.E., just for the record, I am going to miss reading your commentary about Idol as much as I’ll miss watching the show. 🙂 Love ya!

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