Top 4 Idols Reviewed

Ok.  Quick story about last night’s American Idol…

Foolishly, and without consulting the calendar (which is starting to become a curiously bad habit of ours), my wife signed us up to feed the missionaries last night.  When I put it on the calendar, I was shocked that she gave away our American Idol time.  What was worse is that our normal American Idol watching buddies, the Brauns, totally dogged on us for the second week in a row!  So I couldn’t just call the Elmers and say, “Sorry, but we have company that night.”  Because if they asked who I would have to say, “Simon, Paula, Kara, and Randy.”  (Of course, now that I think of it they probably woulnd’t have a clue who those people were.)

Anywho… what made matters worse is that they then AP commitment patterned me (AP commitment pattern is when you ask the wife to commit you before you commit the husband) to come out with them to their evening appointments later that night.  So if AI was gonna happen, it was going to happen at 10pm… WAYYYY past my bedtime.

Out of devotion to my religion (no, not American Idol… the other one), I decided to just go along with it.  The Lord would provide a way for me to see American Idol…

…And He did!

The second family we visited invited us in and said, “I hope you don’t mind that we are watching American Idol… we don’t have TiVO so we have to watch it live…”


So the poor missionaries (they aren’t supposed to watch TV) got to stare at the wall while we enjoyed American Idol, whilst getting to know this new family during the commercial breaks.  It might have been the most perfect missionary opportunity ever!!!

So here’s what I think of what I saw:

  • Adam: Apparently he stole the night, and that’s just as it should be.  Who else can pull off the eyeliner, weird hair, and total loss of soul like he can?
  • Allison: I missed hers, so I really need to go back and watch it to make any kind of comment.  I will say, though, that she looked totally hot in the black leather pants, and Janis Joplin was (I think) a softball choice.  She should have taken on something a little more  hardcore to take more a run at Adam.
  • Kris: Did what he could.  Poor guy held up under the genre, but this clearly wasn’t his strong suit.  I think his fans will still support him, though.
  • Danny: did a good job until the end.  What was all that screaming, and where did it come from?  Not sure that he even rehearsed that, cause it was really weird.
  • What was up with Adam’s pants during his duet?  Super-weird pants, yo!  Stripes?  He looked like a circus performer.

Overall, I think Allison is in the most trouble tonight.  Allison or Kris will go, and my money is on Allison.

4 thoughts on “Top 4 Idols Reviewed”

  1. Kris stunk it up. What kind of front man plays the guitar when you got real pros screaming the strings.. and to try and play for Slash.. esh.. get lost poser

  2. Idol is just no the same without WE and AA. Please can we reconvene on Tuesday next?

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