I Think I Found It

The Dining Room table saga continues…

Yesterday I saw a sign in our neighborhood advertising a furniture clearance at the model home in our neighborhood, so this morning I went to check it out.  It was a mad-house!  They had 3 tables there, but the one in the formal dining room I totally fell in love with.

And of course… it was sold and paid for already.

So like a complete idiot, I scoured the table for any kind of brand name or clues as to its origin.  Finding none, I took the measurements and wrote down as much information as possible…

…and then turned to my good friend Google.

First I tried putting in the original Chinese manufacturer’s name.  I got their website, but they only listed office furniture… boo!

Then I followed some links to a few online bill-of-landing slips from the manufacturer to see which companies/warehouses they were supplying in the US.  No luck there, either.

Then, in a desperation buzzer shot, I tried Googling the measurements.  VOILA!  The table had such unique measurements that just Googling the measurements brought up the table!

In a matter of minutes, I was comparing prices online for the table, and thankfully I actually found it in our price range!  (free shipping and no sales tax!!!)

Wanna see it?



Do you love it?  I don’t care if you do, because I do.  So there…

12 thoughts on “I Think I Found It”

  1. Very nice choice. Way to be persistent. I can’t help but think though, maybe the manufacturer should be more public about his gem of a dining room set.

  2. I love it. Very posh, but looks comfortable and will last for ages.

    (Does the dresser/display case come with it? Cause for free shipping I’ll take that off your hands!)

  3. I love it! No annoying center to bump your knees on, no white . . . gorgeous!

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