American Idol – Top 4 Reviews

What a difference a week makes!! Down to FOUR contestants and ONE very legendary BARRY GIBB. Now, I’ll be honest, I didn’t grow up in the 70’s. I didn’t have dance fever or saturday night fever or any other day of the week fever. I have largely believed the Barry Gibb songs I’ve heard in the past are at best simply annoying and at worst an acid trip gone wrong, fraught with mirrored balls and pink elephants. However, last night proved that there is ONE AND ONLY Barry Gibb, and he ALONE can get away with singing those songs. (thank the dear heavens above!)

Let’s break it down.

Melinda –
The first song wasn’t good. Lacked spark. Lacked spunk. You ARE my woman, but as my woman, I feel I need to inform you of your head shaking. Sometimes its like you’re pulling a Michael J Fox when you’re singing… it’s like “I can’t think of anything else to do but shake my head NO NO NO.” Sometimes the beauty is when you’re singing NO NO NO and you are saying YES YES YES. That makes no sense. Just do more of what you were doing last week, and we can remain friends.

Your second song was wonderful. I felt you more for reals on that one. Your second dress was very beautiful, but you seem to be wearing some drab colors these days. Mix it up a bit more or Jordin will take her little multi-cultural hiney and bump you right out of the spotlight.

KiKi (as yo momma calls you) –
Girl… you are vulnerable. Your stayin’ alive was more like “stayin’ freaking depressing”. How can you take THE classic disco song of the 70’s and make me not want to get up out of my seat and dance?!?! That is just sad.

I didn’t even remember your 2nd song, cause of the dress choice. Ugh. “Thing One” and “Thing Two” have REEMERGED!!! We thought they were safe and secure under ten yards of fabric, but then BOOP… out they come bouncin’ all around again along with your flabby arms. HUH??? I can’t hear you over the flapping sounds!

I hope you’re gone tonight. It’s been a good run, but your baby misses you. America won’t so much. Good luck back in the church choir.

Blake –
Dude… you can’t catch a break. The judges give you a hard time when you beat box. I won’t… except to say, sometimes it works better than others. I’m glad your hip, new, and you. I’m ok with that. I’m not OK with you beatboxing to cover the fact that you can’t really sing, which we were reminded of last night. When you were trying the Barry Gibb falsetto, you were all over the place. It’s hard, I know.

The first suit reminded me of Dr. Evil. You will be safe because of the teeny-bopper vote, because they are all sad that you got a hard time from the judges.

Jordin –
I was nervous that you’d show up my woman, Melinda. I’ll admit round 1 went to you, but you kind of stunk it up on the 2nd song. I didn’t think it was horrible, but it had issues. And your dress was a little… hmm… cross between a princess, a bad prom dress, and a banana. You’ve had a rough 2 weeks. You guys have to really pull out the stops to get this won. 3 weeks ago, I was afraid of the momentum you were gathering. Right now, it’s kind of just sitting there with you. If you make the right moves in the next 2 weeks, you will win this thing.

Bottom line:
(American Idol + (3 Girls + 1 Guy) + Barry Gibb) = (CRAPPY top 4 show)

Please fix that for the next couple weeks.

PS > I’m really excited for this song writing thing. I hope they get better songs for the top two than they had last year… the Make you Proud song that Taylor sang just got WAY TOO OLD!

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