American Idol – Top 6 (Again) Reviews

Top… errr… What do I call this? It is supposed to be the top 5, but I guess I still have to call it Top 6 because of last week’s free ride. It’s at this stage of the competition that things start getting interesting. Votes move all over the place every week. Who will stay, who will go? Who will pull a rabbit out of the hat?

Phil –
It was good. Going first was the best thing that could happen for you. You had a real opportunity to get everyone going, and you did. Had you sung that song last, it wouldn’t have been as impressive. I’m still not convinced that you’re an American Idol though. There’s really not much to idolize about you. You have a spotty voice, a strange personality, and no hair. Pleeeeease. The last time we idolized someone with no hair, it was Captain Jean Luc Picard of the Enterprise. You are in the Danger zone tonight. My prediction is, you’re going home.

Jordin –
GAAAAARL! What were you thinking. For the first time I saw a 17 year old up there. A little shaky, trying to be something she isn’t. With the crazy hair and the pink streaks… shucky darn. If you had sung like that in the auditions, you would have not made it to Hollywood. I think you’re safe because of your past performances, and the fact that the judges have all but given you your tiara early, American Idol 2007. If I have my way, though. It will be between you and Melinda in the top 2. Age vs Experience. Youth vs Skill. The dark side vs. MY WOMAN!

Lakisha “Kiki” –
I love calling you KiKi, cause it’s just so… black. You were actually quite good tonight, and you dropped some of that post-performance prententious attitude. The moment when you planted it on Simon will live in my memory forever. In fact, I have that video just looping in my head. Whenever you’re feeling down, whenever you’re having a bad day, just think of KiKi’s HUGEAMONGOUS lips wrapped around Simon’s mouth leaving 10 pounds of color and gloss…. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I wonder if she slipped him the tongue… hehhehe…

Blake –
If any of the many sides of Blake will come close to winning this competition, it will be the one we saw last night. The hip, adventurous, musician Blake. I was excited in the first few weeks that he was trying to show some musicianship and doing his own arrangments of things. Since it burned him that once, he has played it safe by just singing to the 15 year olds with his puppy dog eyes and weird mouth. However, he will get killed by any other singer in this competition; so he has to do something different. If he has any hope of making it to the top, he will have to beatbox his way there… and be BRILLIANT doing it.

Chris –
Dude… sorry. You’re back to being “not blake” now. Your song was kind of pitiful. You can’t rock like bon jovi, and you tried. That was your fatal flaw. You shoudl have come out juggling and scatting. Maybe you can spin plates on the sticks, you didn’t do your “r&b thing” like Randy said. I think you’re in the danger zone as well. Possibly off tonight.

Melinda –
My love, my darling. You were phenomenal. This was one of my favorite songs you’ve done, and you were totally in a different league than the others. I really liked the personality you showed in the video beforehand… you kept the cute deer in the headlights Melinda, but you added a little humor and self-deprication. Nice work. What I liked the most about your performance was the element of subtext you had during your song. You didn’t just “sing it pretty” or “sing it good” but you sang the crap out of it. When you sang “Have a Nice Day” it was more like “Get out of my face.” That’s the mark of a great artist… layers. See you at the finale.

Tomorrow will prove to be a wild night. They are adding all the votes from last week and all the votes from this week. I have a feeling we are in for some surprises.

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