Top 5 Idols Reviewed

Sorry this is kind of late.  Hopefully you can enjoy it before the kick-off show tonight…


I liked it.  It was very charming and well executed.  The vocals were impeccable.  Every move was well thought-out, but felt very natural and instinctive.  This guy really has good instincts, or a really great vocal coach – I’m not quite sure which.  Either way, it’s totally working for him.  He continues to gain momentum, which is exactly what you need at this stage of the competition.


I’ve been WAITING my whole life to hear this girl sing a ballad, and I wasn’t disappointed!  She really did a good one on this number.  She was poised and connected.  Her gravelly voice actually added quite a bit to the overall tone and feeling of the song.  How much you wanna bet you’ve never heard “Someone To Watch Over Me” like that and probably won’t ever again?


Ok.. preface.  I love, love, love this song. Funny Valentine is the most difficult song ever to sing and really get it right.  I think he totally fell short of the mark on it.  The first part was boring.   The phrasing was mechanic, and he just didn’t seem at home with it.  I thought the ending was totally inappropriate to the song – and that was bad advice on the part of Jamie Foxx.  The song is all about creepy and haunting, and it can’t be creepy or haunting when you’re shouting the last note at the top of your lungs.


This is the best we’ve heard Danny for a long time.  I felt like he really gave it his all, more than his usual all.  I think he showed what 110% of his voice sounds like tonight.  And he also showed us home viewers (with normalized speakers) what a HUGE dynamic range.  You could feel the audio compressors kicking in HIGH gear when he really got into it.  He didn’t just blow the roof off with his amazingly powerful instrument (like usual), but he did it with purpose and belief and really brought us with him.


I have to disagree with all of the judges.  I didn’t like it tonight.  I hated the arrangement.  I hated the song.  I hated his pretentious white suit.  I hated him screaming with his tongue out.  I hated his diva descent down the staircase.

And I hate the judges the most for not calling him on it.  Simon… I’m very disappointed in you!

Sure the guy is amazingly talented, but as I’ve noted in posts past, he needs to channel that talent into more than just a screamy tongue-hanging-out weird all-over-the-map performance.  It might work for him for the 2 minute song on American Idol, but I’ll be leaving by his 3rd song at his concert with my man card still intact.

Tonight’s Order:

  1. Danny
  2. Kris
  3. Allison
  4. Adam
  5. Matt

Overall Standings (what they probably are)

  1. Adam
  2. Kris
  3. Allison
  4. Danny
  5. Matt

What I think the overall standings should be:

  1. Kris
  2. Allison
  3. Danny
  4. Adam
  5. Matt

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