Top 6 Reviewed

Let’s start with two important points:

1. Of all our contestants, who do you think would be the one to mix it up this week? Who is going for the freaky arrangement? Not David Cook… Yes… David Archuleta! Surprise!

B. For years now, I have been trying to put into words exactly how I feel about Paula’s clapping… and now Tamara has done it for me…

Paula claps like a child that just discovered her hands.


Now to the reviews…


Wow… wow… wow.. she looks hot. She could be singing the ingredients off of the cereal box and we wouldn’t care. This was, undoubtedly, her best week. And the red dress and beautiful hair made it all worth it.

I think Syesha might have a career on the stage. You know what I see in her? I see a mini Audra McDonald in her.

[flashvideo filename=video/top6-syesha.flv /]


After we see Syesha’s hot, hot hair, we cut to Jason’s nasty nasty hair… eww.

“I’ve never seen a man sing Memory with Dredlocks!” says Lord Andrew.

The singing? OHHHH… how hideous. He totally ruined this song! He betrayed everything that this song is in Musical theatre. He was absolutely clueless!

“It identifies your unique being…” [as an elf] (The Brauns says)

All I can say is Thank you Simon for saying outloud how terrible it was!


Well, Brooke. I had high hopes for you this week. I think you picked a perfect song for your voice, but then with your terrible false start at the beginning… I don’t know… how do you recover from that?

I think Paula, as a performer, had every right to rip her a new one like she did. It might have been the first downer comment she has ever given in her life. But when you are on stage, you don’t get a chance to restart. You forge ahead, even if you have to sing “watermelon, watermelon”

David A

“Littl’ David..” as Lord Andrew said…

As an Andrew Lloyd Webber purist, I didn’t like this arrangement the first time, but watching it back it really grew on me.

If you didn’t notice, he totally blew the lyrics near the end of the bridge… and he just totally made it up. Brooke, did you see that? That’s how you do it.


Yes, yes, yes. Bless Andrew Lloyd Webber for sparing us the sappy ballad that she would have totally sucked on and letting us into some of your lesser known hits. JC Superstar was perhaps the best choice for her! That was awesome. One of her best performances in a long time.

Andrew Lloyd Webber practically invented the rock musical… thank goodness someone paid a little homage to that!

David C

One thing’s for certain, David Cook opens his eyes much better than David Archuleta.

I was not a believer at the beginning of this song. I thought he was going to totally tank on it, and he made me eat my words by the end…


The order based on tonight’s performances:

  1. Syesha
  2. David C
  3. David A
  4. Carly
  5. Brooke
  6. Jason

I think it’s pretty well a lock that Brooke will be going home this week. So long my little Mormon American Idol. We’ll miss you.

Bonus Quote from Jordan:

Was that from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Raincoat?

Oh, and PS… Can I get a WHAT WHAT for Lord Andrew’s red velvet pants? What a strange and awkward little man.

5 thoughts on “Top 6 Reviewed”

  1. I was hoping that you would put Syesha’s performance up here, cause my DVR betrayed me and it didn’t record th first 8 miunuts before I discovered it. I have to figure out what went wrong today. Well, my life has been so wierd this week so it was so nice to sit down and indulge in some AI last night.

    From what I saw of Syesha – she was incredible. And Wow, who knew that Ricky Miner (and the band) had so much personality and such. It saved 1/2 the contestants from just sitting out there and hanging out to dry. BUt it was to Syesha’s major advantage to have the badn up there. They looked like her best friends and she was having so much fun.

    Jason C. Well this was a major major major bad song choice. He picked on of the most amazing songs ever written for stage and tried to squeak it out. The problem was not his performance and singing itself its that the song, wow that song it’s made for an amazing one of a kind special kind of voice and a special kind of performance. oh gee, well, it was scary because of the song choice… wasn’t there something else, anything else?

    Brooke- I agree with W.E. Completely. Paula totally had a right to lambast her. Simon and Randy were wrong. Hubby and I decided that Simon really likes Brooke, cause he would have ripped apart someone like Kristy Lee if they had done something like that. Overall, IT was horrendous. She knew it too…. did you notice for the first time ever she didn’t interrupt the judges and jump in and say “it’s okay” or “thank you” over top of them? IT’s the first time she kept her mouth shut during the judging. She knew it and her time is up with that I am afraid. WE was right about DAvid forgetting his lyrics too, and covering, a profesh…

    David A- I was nervous that he changed it, who messes with THE master? I am sorry but you’re chances are better with singing whitney or mariah. However, at the beginning I really liked it. With just the guitar/piano it worked. When the whole orchestra started coming in, it sounded sorta wierd, like he was trying to do it, but it wasn’t working, but then at the end I liked it again.

    Carly – I just about fell over when I heard her say she was orignaally planning to do all I ask of you. I was thinking maybe it’s good, now she will be kicked off the show. But she was absolutely saved by ALW, telling her to do JC superstar. I mean, can you imagine the greasy haired tattooed girl, trying to act like Christine? Cmon… And STILL her outfits, WHO IS HER STYLIST Please fire that person. She always looks horrible. This week I was so glad for the sleeves and it still didn’t diminish her icky look.

    David C. – I was blown away. Who knew that he had THAT in him? He can sing it. It was great. As Simon said, the edgier/raw-er side is more interesting and seems to be more “David” but it was great for what he was asked to do. I was impressed.

    other notes isn’t ALW interesting? He is a genius and yet seems so uncomfortable around other humans. He is amazing.

    oh and last note, WE says he secretly wants to be Simon, but I think last night he may have been jealous of Ricky Miner.

  2. I caught Archuleta flubbing the lyrics, too. He’s done that a few other times – We Can Work It Out, I think, and at least one other time. it doesn’t faze him. He just plows forward, and no one notices.

    Most of the song choices sucked – Archuleta should have sung something from Joseph, Cook should have done Superstar, not Carly, and Brooke should have done “I Don’t Know How to Love Him.”

    I agree; Brooke’s going home. It should be Jason. He should be banned from even watching American Idol after last night.

  3. Because my stupid, stupid DVR/box is broken, I had to ask the parents to record Tuesday (like the weird AI person I have now morphed into—I disturb myself, now :S) and then got my mother to watch it with me last night. She is now hooked and wanted to know dates and times. (I swear! It sucks you in like crack!) Anyhoo, the reason I tell you all of this is because when Carly was singing, my mother goes, “She’s really good and having fun. *pause* I hate this song.”  Yes, maybe she did offend Christian sensibilities. Brooke should’ve gone. I like her a lot, but she’s done. Oh! And didn’t you love how “Sir Andrew” didn’t make any qualms about saying exactly what he thought of each contestant? He didn’t sugar-coat it like Dolly or Mariah. I looooved it. hehe.

  4. I just realized that I said something I could quote on my own “And I Quote . . . ”

    “It sucks you in like crack.” *nervous laugh* That’s BAD.

    Ok, bye.

  5. I’m coming around more to David C than I have been. I didn’t love his performance, but I didn’t think it was bad, either. I just have to say that after last week I actually took time to go on iTunes and see if I could download AI songs – I bought his ‘Always Be My Baby’ from last week – yay! Anyway, I don’t want to see Brooke go, I still think she could be back on top…
    Oh, and I totally agree that it sucks you in like crack! I never watched AI till this season, and now I hate missing a week!

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