American Idol – You are on Notice!

I’m watchin American Idol right now, and just found out my woooooman, Syesha, is in the bottom two.

I am just so frustrated, I couldn’t be more more more upset. How, how, how in the world could her amazing performance have not risen above Brooke’s biggest gaffe in AI history and Jason’s greatest slaughtering of a song since Sanjaya?

All I can hope now is that Carly offended the Christian sensibilities of Americans and she will go…

I will say that watching Carly again, she did disappoint on that number, especially in the chorus. She probably deserves to go if I have to choose between those two…


Huge sigh of relief… thankfully my woooooman survives another night.

It’s personal now, America. If you let the freaky blonde and/or the Bob Marley/Legolas combo beat out mah wooooman, then we are going to have words!

Thank you.

P.S. The best moment tonight was when Brooke admitted she interrupted the judges too much when they give her critiques!

P.P.S. They must have seen our list of guest artist suggestions I posted earlier this season… cause next week is NEIL DIAMOND – one of my favorites!

P.P.P.S. Wasn’t Leona Lewis awesome… I think i want to buy her album, especially if it comes with the pyrotechnics! Fire. Fire.

7 thoughts on “American Idol – You are on Notice!”

  1. Yes the best WAS when Brooke admitted to interrupting. And yes. I am soooo glad it was CArly over Syesha. It was such a wierd night. I was sure it was brooke and jason in the bottom 2. wierd.

  2. My brother and I think they should have been more specific with the Andrew Lloyd Webber theme, considering how many struggled with choosing a song to showcase their voices. So we decided they should have had the entire cast do songs from “Joseph”, for example…
    David A (A.K.A. “Little David”): “Close Every Door”
    David Cook: “Go, Go, Go Joseph” or “Song of the King”
    Jason: “One More Angel” or “Any Dream Will Do”
    Girls: “Prologue”, “Pharoah’s Story”, or “Benjamin Calypso”

    Or we thought David Cook could have done something from “Evita”, any song by Che would have been pretty cool. Oh, and the song “Whistle Down the Wind” (from “Whistle Down the Wind”) would have been a good belting song for either Syesha or Carly.

    Summary: I thought most of the Idols didn’t really explore their options before choosing a song, especially Jason. Yikes! (That was embarassing…) Although I must say that Syesha’s selection was perfect. What show was that from?

  3. Oh, I’m so glad Brooke’s safe, I was so scared she was getting the chop! Her performance wasn’t brilliant, but I just think she can do so much better!
    Next week should be realy great for everyone, I think…
    I was surprised it was Carly, since she’s been plumped as a favorite the whole season. I would have put Jason and (reluctantly) Brooke in the bottom two. Ah well.

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