American Idol – Top 6 Reviews

Welcome back to the REAL American Idol! Yes, friends, that rotten “S” word is now off the show, and the competition to find America’s next megastar is back on.

Overall, I was really disappointed this week. Maybe it’s that I love inspriational songs too much, but I was totally disappointed with almost EVERYONE’s song choice. They chose stupid songs that didn’t inspire me or stick with me.

Chris –
In the past few weeks, you have really started to differentiate yourself from Blake. Congratulations. He may still have the edge on you, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you succeeded in stealing his votes. Your song was good. Just good. Congrats on not getting nasal comments this week too, even though I doubt your weak defense “nasal is a way to sing too” really had much effect on the judges.

Melinda –
I really liked your song, but hated your song choice. This is the time, girl. Of all the “inspirational” songs out there, you had to go pick that!? I can think of 10 songs better for you to sing. You did it amazingly, but no one will remember that like they did Jordin’s “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Time to either settle for 2nd place, or pull a Tonya Harding on Jordin.

Blake –
You walked into a minefield by doing John Lennon. No one will ever sing that song like he did. You can’t improve on it. You can only sing it to remind us of John. For that reason it wasn’t good. Your singing wasn’t great either. If you want to win this, you need to go back to your niche. Contemporary, DJ, beat box, crowd pleasing, hip, boombastic. (what is boombastic? don’t ask me…) Also, I hate the funny things your mouth does when you sing. And what is up with you choosing the boring love songs week after week. We need to see the fun, crazy Blake next week, or you’re gone!

Lakisha “KiKi” –
“GARRRL”… you suck. Have you ever eaten a full box of chocolate ice cream? I haven’t, but for the sake of this analogy, let’s assume I had. After I ate a full box of chocolate ice cream, I would never want chocolate ice cream again. I keep getting chocolate ice cream week after week with Lakisha. It’s not awful, but I’m tired of it. She has no unique qualities. We have seen no more nuances to her voice. All we know about her is that she has an illegitimate child she wants to provide for. Not enough for me. You’re in my bottom and must go.

Phil –
I still don’t like you, but i’m happy that you finally figured out this competition. Even though you made a major breakthrough last week, you seemed to betray that this week. You need to get into that country groove and stay there. You said yourself last week that “that’s what [you] want to do.” So why aren’t you doing it? You are in jeopardy tonight. YOu’ve never been popular, and coming into your own now is too little too late. Plus, we’re sick of your stupid hats, faux-opera vocal placement, and big bushy eyebrows.

Jordin –
Your star keeps rising every week. You are now the clear favorite to win this competition. Thinking in terms of total package, you certainly have it. You are young, beautiful, have a decent voice, and have a good personality. Choosing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” was a SLAM DUNK! It is the perfect song. It’s old enough that it could be a hit again, it’s not inseparably connected with a single artist, it leaves room for a lot of interpretation and personalization, and it’s a beautifuilly haunting song. Simon was dead on that you could have a hit record with that one. It wasn’t as polished and amazing as Kathrine’s “Over the Rainbow” last year, but it was in that same vein. You keep choosing songs like that, and you have this thing sewn up. Honestly, Melinda could sing circles around you, but lacks what you have in the IT factor. I am seriously hoping you get some debilitating, voice altering disease between now and next week, so my woman Melinda can take this thing home. Since I don’t see that happening, well… good luck and see you at the finale.

Oh yes… and a word about “Idol Gives Back”
While I am supportive of this idea, that the biggest and wealthiest television enterprise in the history of man should take some social/moral responsibility to give back to the world that it so graciously takes from, I am just a little disappointed at the execution of their emotional manipuation and apparent inability to get organizations mobilized in this campaign. The video packages were vague and unclear. They didn’t even specify which organizations they would be working with. Especially the US based clips. They just showed some backwoods farmer children telling “haw hawrd id iz to git us sum edjamakashun”. Gimme a break. You can do better.

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