Me, a Diva?

Me, A Diva?

This weekend I had a spectacular time coming back to Saint George to “stage manage” Tuacahn’s first Broadway Divas Concert. I put the words Stage Manage in quotes because, this wasn’t work at all. This was a party for me!!! When I saw they were planning this event, and that many of my old friends would be involved, I jumped on the phone to Jeff and wrangled my way in as best I could.

The weekend was perfect… except for one thing… On the page of the program for this concert (it was a playbill for their entire concert series), there was 8 divas with stunning headshots and beautiful bios. Then… the ninth entry… Sam Anderson with the snapshot taken from the 2003 playbill (back when I was a tuacahn intern)… and absolutely NO MENTION or designation of the fact that I was STAGE MANAGING this event, either. For all the audience knew, I was another diva…

…Oh well, I’ve been called worse…

It was a great night, and a wonderful opportunity to catch up with so many great friends. It’s sure funny how life marches onward, each person taking a unique path. I often wonder how strange it is that our paths have crossed at all, and yet I seem to be changed “for good” by each person who I’ve known or grown close to. At least, those were the thoughts running through my head as the Divas concluded the Wicked Medley singing “for good”.

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