Top 7 Reviewed

All I can say is, how did all these girls make it through to this round?!?! There are two girls still up there who do not belong at this stage of the competition. If a boy goes tonight, I will be truly shocked.

Into the breach…

David A

David gave me the impression tonight that he is now singing to win. He is one of the few contestants who hold up under the longer song, keeping the listener interested for the full 3 minutes. With some contestants you can tell they are just a 30 second or 1 minute singer, but David can hang together for a full song!


I think Carly did a nice job on this song. I think Simon was a bit too harsh, but I would not be sad to see Carly go any time soon. I think I heard too much Mariah in the song, though. A little too karaoke for me.


Mah Woooman’s performance was engaging… she seemed really emotionally involved with the song – not too many words to remember, though. “Vanishing” and “whoa, whoa” I thought it was a great interpretation, and it didn’t remind me or wish that I was listening to Mariah.

I don’t know if I can bring myself to say it, but I have to agree with Paula… picking Vanishing was a good move because most people don’t know it, so she avoids the direct comparison.


Well, I will say, having double the length of music was a small noose for Brooke to hang herself with. The second half of the song was identical to the first half. There was very little different or unique about it. I wanted to hear something new, something nice, something different. It seemed like she was just rushing a bit, and the solo at the piano didn’t work for me in the end.


Kristy Lee

Kristy Lee had a hard row to hoe this week being out of her country element, forced into Mariah land. I think she is really progressing (vocally) and starting to come into her own. I thought she definitely outsang Brooke. She is almost on par with Syesha’s vocals for me.

She was quite visibly upset by less than glowing reviews. Has she been drinking her own kool aid?

Also, I have a sneaky suspicion that her dress was made from gold thread spun by Rumpelstiltskin himself.

David C

Ok. I have an issue with plastic wrist bands.

What is with these things?! Aren’t we done with this fad? It totally ruined David’s monottone look this week. Where was his personal stylist on this one?

But wow… the song was really great. I think it even bested Archuleta.

I didn’t like the end, though, the way he didn’t resolve the ending.

… and talking about drinking your own Kool Aid… he is way too into himself for my taste.


I think Jason will continue to stay in this, despite the negative feelings I have toward his elf ears and dreadlocks. He found his niche and is really identifying with the fans in it. I think he’ll stay in it through top 5 and possibly top 3.


Bottom 3 hasn’t been ever been clearer than it was this evening:

  1. David C
  2. David A
  3. Jason
  4. Syesha
  5. Carly
  6. Kristy Lee
  7. Brooke

5 thoughts on “Top 7 Reviewed”

  1. Give me back mky 80’s music….. This was a boring night for me, who is this guest artist anyway.

    Put jason in the bottom 3 for me. Kristy gets the gassss

  2. Here’s my quick take on it.

    This wasn’t the most interesting week for me, but I will agree with Simon when he said that the boys definitely took the night. I felt like there was a very distinct line there. I loved all of the boys and I could have lived without ever hearing the girls, which makes me sad because I am always rooting for Brooke.

    I am trying to think if there is anything else worth commenting on and there really isn’t. I think it was that cut and dry.
    Boys: Likey
    Girls: No Likey (not that they were bad, they just weren’t good either)

    I am ready to get to the bottom of this competition. I’m not enjoying the journey along the way like I have in past years. Let’s just declare a winner and move on.

    I hope Carly gets booted she is really bugging me lately.

  3. None of these songs were any good, so the boys got kudos for doing odd things with them. I think Syesha’s gone.

  4. Who is the guest artist next week? Im praying here… *please someone in the 80’s****please someone in the 80’s****please someone in the 80’s****please someone in the 80’s****please someone in the 80’s****please someone in the 80’s*** 😛

  5. I think David C and Brooke are my favorites so far. Brooke was disappointing tonight, the song was really rushed and just didn’t gel very good, but I hope she’s around for awhile longer. (BTW, I looked up one of her pre-Idol songs, ‘Free’,on YouTube and it’s pretty good…have you seen it?)
    I really liked David’s song – it’s a fun, pop-py Mariah song that he made edgier and a bit rockier and intense. And I thought Kristy Lee did much better than she has in the past, it’s good to watch her performances and enjoy them without cringeing!
    I think either Syesha or Carly should go.

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