Top 9 Idols Reviewed

OK.  I know you already got TLS’ opinion  yesterday, but I had an opportunity to catch up yesterday night, and I had to give you mine.

  1. Big winner this week was Kris.  He is getting better and better every week.  The last few times he has sung he has really successfully created a “moment” onstage.  He is gunning for the top, and I think he almost deserves it.  If he keeps making these consistently right moves, he will be in the Top 2.
  2. Adam has an amazing voice, and is so natural onstage.  He is a lock for the finale… maybe.  I am going to suggest now, though, that it’s possible that he might pull a Daughtry – would be in his best interest to get kicked off at #3 or #2.  With Kris and Lil and Danny with such great personalities, I can see them possibly giving him a run for his money in this popularity contest.
  3. Danny just left it all out on stage tonight.  He really sang his heart out, and has a way of connecting to a song very well.  4 stars!
  4. Lil needs to come out from under her rock!  What was up with the hairdo?  C’mon girl, spice it up and get us out of our chairs.  I imagine her huge vocals sound amazing when they’re pumping out of large arrays of 24″ speakers, but on TV it doesn’t translate quite as amazing.  It just looks like she has a big mouth.
  5. Speaking of hairdos, Scott finally got one!!!  It’s a little reminscent of Twlight character Edward Cullen and Richard Marx.  Is 80’s hair really coming back?  I might have to run and hide.  I think this was Scott’s best week.  He sang the best he has sung yet, but still has some really annoying quirks to his voice.  For example, his vowel formation is totally wrong.  When he wants to sing big, he opens his mouth to a box, and the sound comes out as a blatty brick.  He needs to caress and finesse those vowels just a little bit more, rather than blatting them at us.  Still not Idol material, but stiil very talented and inspirational.
  6. You know who isn’t talented or inspirational, though?  Megan Joy.  Barf.  We are really getting sick of her antics, and her not caring what the judges think.  She seems to think she has actual fans out there, and that caw-ing her way will make it work.  Nope.  I absolutely LOVED how Simon totally threw her down on the results show, and said, “No we’re not even going to pretend to consider using the judges save on you.  This is your swan song.  Good luck.”
  7. Anoop… as I said before, I think we’ve seen all he has to offer.  He will be going home next week, for sure.  I’ve just completely run out of things to say about him.  That’s how boring he is as a contestant.  Better start brushing up your resume for TI or Microsoft.
  8. Alison looked like an elf character from Cindy Lauper’s Weird Rocker Christmas Special or something.  What was she wearing?  This week was probably her worst yet, with the wardrobe and the song.  It just didn’t all fit together.  She is still my favorite girl in the competition this year, though.  Come on!  Don’t let me down next week, sweetums.
  9. Speaking of let downs… Matt Giraud, King of Season 8 Second Chances.  He just keeps messing it up, week after week.  What was up with the weird playing-the-piano-in-the-middle-of-the-audience thing, too?  That’s the kind of stuff that drives production (stage and tv) people absolutely bonkers.  Here they build this beautiful huge stage, setting up camera angles, monitors, projections, lighting, etc – then here comes this stupid contestant who decides they want to stand in the middle of the audience to sing.  For no apparent reason.  I think I would just kill him.  We need to see more of the Matt that we saw in the video clip on the kickoff show, funny Matt.  Fun Matt.  Making fun of other contestants, having a good time, and doing a fun bluesy kind of gig.

A few other details:

  1. Tamara has hereby called for the elimination of the words “riff” and “riffs” from the Idol judges vocabulary, and I second the motion.
  2. I hereby call for the elmination of lip syncing to the contestants song.  It makes them look really dumb, especially Scott.

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  1. P.S. Nain’s dog Sam was hysterical to watch – I have to usurp the AI throne from you for just one post tonight…the pictures of Sam the dog are hilarious!

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