Generous Me

Yes, you are SO LUCKY to hear from me again. I am generously helping out my stars-in-his-eyes, totally-whooped, still-on-his-honeymoon-he-wishes, love-struck brother.

Can you believe this? WHITE EYEBROWS DIDN’T RECORD AND WATCH AMERICAN IDOL LAST NIGHT! What is this world coming to?

So I graciously agrees to substitute for W.E. Now, I know you aren’t excited about this, seeing how nearly no one replied to my last post, but it has to be done, and I think I am up to the challenge.

*knuckle cracking* Here we go!

First of all, I have to say, that there is becoming a major division in this competition this year. Most years, I say, yes, but they are all great singers. I guess that’s true of this year. They are all pretty good singers, but this year I have noticed that there are the PERFORMERS, the ones that seem like stars and then there are the rest of them. Then, there is Megan… AKAKAKAKKKK

1. Anoop – Anoop is one of those bottom rung-ers. He isn’t a horrible singer or anything. But he is boring. I am so sorry for that. He seems like the nicest of guys. But he can NEVER compete with the others for stage presence and showmanship. He just comes off as one of those sweet guys that you knew in college that you wanted to be friends with. Sorry Anoop. He should go very soon.

2. Megan – Talk about overstayed her welcome. Watching her is SO BORING. I truthfully don’t know what kept her in the competition this far. And WHO IS VOTING for her? She wasn’t even in the bottom 3 last week. I live only 10 miles from where Megan Joy is from, and there is NO hype for her here. No one is talking about her. No one I know vouches for her. It’s nothing like it was around here for David Archuleta. PLEASE PLEASE GO HOME TODAY. Your 10 note range is dried up.

3. Scott – Ok, so I admit that he’s not THE strongest singer. And I know that W.E. thinks he shouldn’t be in the competition. But as they are making clear this year, they are looking for someone interesting. Scott does it. He’s interesting. And this week was HIS week. He chose the right song, and sang it the right way. He was great. I thought his singing even sounded better than usual. I think he was great this week.

4. Alison – I didn’t like it. The judges gave her credit, but it was I thought, indulgent and copy cat. It was a dumb song choice in my opinion, and I didn’t like the outfit from the moment she walked on stage in the big group at the beginning of the night. The judges were hard on her outfit, which was sad because how much real control to the contestants have over what the stylist pick out for them? It was all dumb, and while I don’t see her as ready to go home, it was a bad week for her.

5. Danny – Danny has the life experience, the emotion and the personality to make any song believable, which I think is why he has been a front runner from the beginning. He also chooses songs that suit him and his voice which makes him great too. However, I am a little surprised, and I guess it’s admirable, that he hasn’t pulled the dead wife card yet. He hasn’t “dedicated” anything to her, or referred to his trial of losing his spouse at all. Maybe that’s a strategy for later, but I do believe that life experience makes him real and is a strength in his singing. He did great last night too.

6. Matt – Oh Matt, you want to be Alternative edgy man, while the judges see you as soulful, piano and blues man. It’s a problem. You aren’t living up to what the judges envision you. And while you’ve been declared by even picky-Simon to be a frontrunner, you are in the bottom 2 last week. I think there hasn’t been a moment when the audience drops their jaws for you, and to be honest, I don’t think a very alternative song is going to do it for you. As far as I understand, the AI audience is more a mainstream pop audience. Young girls will pick up the phone for Archie, but not for a late 20 something guy that sings the Fray. Though I think you’re good enough that the judges might sacrifice the ‘save’ on you.

7. Lil Rounds – Oh Lil. What happens to you when it’s song choice time? Where do you get your ideas? I figured that when this week came, if you picked a power song, if you picked a Celine song, you would have picked Power of Love or something you could make your own and blow everyone away. You might even be capable of Whitney. But again you chose a song, while good, that no one is blown away by.
It’s sad because this was the right year, in my opinion, for Lil to be in the top 10. She doesn’t have a Mandisa, nor a Melinda, nor a Jennifer Hudson to compete with. She is the only power female voice on the stage and she is memorable. So why the song choices? Oh heaven please help her, she is better than what she is doing. Oh yeah, and her daughter was so cute with Randy.

8. Adam – Sorry, but few, if ever, contestants in AI history can entertain like Adam. He is one of the few people that I have heard on AI that I can’t think of a missed note, ever. Also, he can sell anything. He could sell, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” if he had to. It doesn’t matter much what he does, he does it all the way, and sells us home. If he doesn’t win, it will be a shock, because he brings it that’s for sure. He was fabulous.

9. Kris – I love that song. I love it. But Kris made it his. He made it current. It was subtle changes, but it worked. It was emotive and believable. It was great. He’s in it too!

So here’s my break down.

Megan – BY FAR the worst singer on the stage
Anoop – sorry, while he can sing, he isn’t in the same league as everyone else. At All.

Middle Tier


Top tier


Let’s all hope the right people are in the bottom this week!

2 thoughts on “Generous Me”

  1. You are the best. So charitable and loving. You would do anything for me, I’m sure.

    And it wasn’t that I forgot.. it was that the computer that it records on actually ran out of disk space, because I had ignored it for 2 weeks because of the afflictions you mentioned.

    I’m a sick, sick man.

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