W.E. is on Vacation

For those of you that rely upon W.E. for your daily enlightenment, I hate to break it to you, but WhiteEyebrows has gone on this year’s grown up vacation.  He’s been longing for a vacation that isn’t to his mommy’s house, so he is taking it this week.  We are all so happy for him.

But now, what will we all do?  Now that our W.E. is gone? 

AH HA HA HA (evil cackle) !!!

Don’t worry, folks, TLS is on the case! I have commandeered whiteeybrows.com, and W.E. himself doesn’t even know it.  He will probably discover this when his desperate search for a Starbucks with free Wireless Internet becomes fruitful.   (Because he is with Tio on this trip and we all know that Tio is too cheap to pay the $15 a day for in room internet.  (Sorry, Tio, jabs come naturally sometimes.) )

Just you wait Henry Higgins…. Just you wait

(Oh yeah, you may want to reply to this post, saying how excited you are about my guest blogging, so that W.E. doesn’t delete my username and login when he sees this 🙂 )

5 thoughts on “W.E. is on Vacation”

  1. While I’ve not met you, TLS, I support your cause.

    In fact, to heck with the other candidates – TLS is MY choice for President! She can OBVIOUSLY get things done.

  2. Oh, I’m going to look forward to this! If that picture indicates anything close to what you have up your sleeve, I’m all ears . . . or would it be eyes since I’m reading this and not hearing it? Hum . . . Anyway, good job!

  3. Ha! This should be fun! Something I can understand! Okay, I’m really not an idiot…

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