Hey Sarah, Let’s Just Be Friends

I have come to a conclusion regarding Sarah Palin: she is not ready to be a 71 year old heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Her ‘attack dog’ act knocked my socks off at the convention, but now I am highly doubtful of her readiness for this meaningless campaign and this meaningless office. The “hockey mom”/”lipstick on a pig” thing is really cute, and a refreshing change of pace for our political scene.  She might still have a bright future in the Republican party (if she doesn’t mess this bid up too much).  I just think she was thrust into this a little too soon.

Her debate performance against Biden was just OK.  She got her butt handed to her in the foreign policy section.  It wasn’t because she didn’t know names, dates, or have personal anecdotes to share – it was her lack of a cohesive response on the way forward in the war on terror.  Her entire answer to the question of the way forward focused on the past, while Biden talked about some realistic, concrete plans for the future.

Palin sounded desperate in her constant attempts to change the discussion from what Gwen Ifill wanted to talk about to what she wanted to talk about: Alaska, taxes, and energy.  Good for her for sticking to her strengths, but I have news for her and McCain… there is a lot more to running this country than Alaska, taxes, and energy.

Plus… she said “nucUlartwice… And as I always say… twice is no mistake.  This formally puts her in the dog house with me.  (And not the good Randy Jackson “dawg” house, either…)

Sorry Sarah… Can we just be friends instead?

7 thoughts on “Hey Sarah, Let’s Just Be Friends”

  1. I think you’ve been watching too much media, I thought she did an impressive job. I mean the media hates her so much they made her look like she couldn’t tie her own shoes. She’s governed Alaska and did a impressive job as well. The only thing she’s weak on is foreign policy unless you’re talking pipelines and canada.

    Also, I don’t think a person is fit for president when their best buddies are an unrepentant terrorist, radical america-hating preacher and a potential felon. Not to mention his whole ACORN group, which alone should give enough reason for pause. Obama hasn’t owned up to or denied his associations and there is too much written history to deny it. He’s either pretends like he just said hello to these people or throws insults the other way.

    I think that’s great fodder for a campaign.

  2. Go Sarah and lay it on all the left-wing nut cases. We should not be ready to turn our government over to the Socialist movement. I believe in being a pal to the american people rather than to an aknowledged terrorist……….

  3. well, say what you will about Sarah but she is providing some EXCELLENT SNL fodder so I’m hoping she sticks around. I mean, for my money, this election is a total wash anyway so we might as well get some good comedy out of it! 🙂

  4. Total agree with WE. She’s not ready, maybe never will be, for such an important position. Never caught the nucUlar problem, but then I’ve never held that against the presidential incumbent … much too much fodder on bigger issues to worry about his spoken skills.

    Kind of disappointed that the other posters are caught up on that weak “link” to a terrorist. Guilt by association (through a board position) isn’t necessarily a good judge of one’s character. I think that one has been trumped up beyond reality, but if that’s what keeps you going, then so be it.

    Can we just be friends?

  5. I agree booger… I expect to hear the drivel from blogs, shock jocks, and even the MSM, but to hear it out of their own mouths… ugh! Smear campaigning just makes McCain/Palin look desperate. You want to attract those independent votes? That’s not the way to do it.

  6. I still like the fact that she has youth on her side. There is something about her energy and seemingly non-corrupt optimism that feels refreshing for some possible change in Washington.

  7. I hate that either party is resorting to insults. I’d much rather hear a candidate talk about their personal moral values than try to tear down the other guy whether there is truth to it or not. I mean sure- if it’s some huge secret that Americans need to know maybe (which I realize is relative to what someone believes we ‘need’ to know)- but I agree with W.E. and Booger on the terrorist deal. He worked with the guy, get over it. I do think Sarah Palin has inexperience working against her but I’m actually impressed at her obvious hard work in trying to catch up to par in the short amount of time that she has had in this new experience. I believe she will continue to learn quickly and be an asset.

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