What the Chrome?

I was shocked to find the following statistic on my website analytics:


Google’s Chrome browser now has 5% of usage among my blog readership!  Wow!  I’m super-impressed!

While I was swept up in all the hype surrounding Google’s new browser, complete with its super-fast javascript rendering engine, I have seen a very slow adoption rate out there.

Why is that?  Well, it’s because most people don’t even have a concept that there is more than Internet Explorer out there… or as Grape likes to call it “The big E”.

Truth is, if Internet Explorer went away, my life as a web developer would be infinitely easier!  Internet Explorer is the poop of all browsers.  It is the sole, solid peg in the tent that is holding the internet back.  Most developers (including me) are getting so fed up with it, that we simply refuse to support versions of Internet Explorer before IE7.  (That’s the one with the big tabs on it.  If your browser doesn’t have big tabs at the top, then chances are you’re using IE6 and should be shot.)

So… Chrome is cool.  Get Chrome.  Firefox is awesome.  Get it.  Ditch Internet Explorer and Windows.

This is the key to happiness.

6 thoughts on “What the Chrome?”

  1. I’m really not sure what you’re talking about, but I’m pretty sure I deserve to be shot.

    Um…I’m sorry?

  2. What’s this Chrome and Internet Explorer you speak of? My computer only runs Safari and Firefox. Actually we’re getting Chromium pretty soon and I’m excited (once it stops crashing).

  3. You sound like every engineer we have at my company. There will have to be a much
    better plan to overthrow Windows and IE than just having frustrated engineers tell you you are ignorant for not seeing the
    beauty of something that may only add marginal value or improvement to the layman.

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