WhiteEyebrows vs. the Backyard

On the suggestion from my mom, today’s topic is going to be about my longstanding project – the back yard…

my house 2The above image is a 3d model of our backyard that I made using Google Sketch-up almost 3 years ago.  The goal was to design the world’s best, coolest back yard!  As you can see, three years later, it’s still a blank slate.

I have always wanted our back yard to become a beautiful outdoor oasis where we can spend all spring and fall, and maybe even a summer’s day (with misters?),  but I lack a real plan.  Or a fake plan.  I lack any plan at all.  And since I have no definite plan to work towards, and haven’t won any game shows, contests, or sweepstakes to afford to do it all at one time (yes, I’ve tried!), then nothing has been done.

I DO have ideas!  I know I want to have a large patio with room for a table, chairs, and my grill.  I know I want to have some kind of patio cover/shade.  I know I want to have more beds and less grass to mow.  I’d like a little fireplace/pit for the winter, and misters for the summer.  I’d like speakers and maybe even a TV (or at least the connections to make one happen).  People tell me I’d also need to leave room for children to “play”… whatever that means.

I’ve even floated a crazy idea by my wife… to replace the entire backyard with a pool!  No more back yard mowing!  But she’s not biting off on that one…

Then I have problems to solve.  One narrow side of my house won’t grow grass, and I need a place to put the garbage cans where they can still be easily wheeled to the curb.  I need things that are low maintenance, and something that will help us enjoy  year-round fun outside.

Ok.  So there’s the status.  Now, I ask you (dear, faithful readers), what am I to do next?  How do I make my dream oasis a reality?  We’re not moving  from this home any time in the near future, so I’m open to any kind of long term plans.  Do I have any amateur landscape designers reading who’d love to take on my project?  Anyone want to come be free labor?  I’m open to all possibilities.

7 thoughts on “WhiteEyebrows vs. the Backyard”

  1. ‘Fraid I can’t be much help, so far my gardening tips include moving to a house where someone has landscaped the garden for you and then reap all the benefits!

  2. I have lots of ideas – but the problem is – they are mine – and may not suit you…….

  3. 1. you need room for kids to kick a soccer ball and run after it. It’s just a fact.

    2. you need to cement in your side that doesn’t grow. They have really neat stamped colored cement nowadays that would make a really nice walk around your house. You don’t have to have ugly grey.

    3. no pool, you have a neighborhood/community pool. That seems redundant.

    4. you need to make that whole “hill” thing up in the back of your yard a big bed with lots of different foliage

    5. you need trees

    6. you need a deck cover/roof of some kind. I suggest the real thing (not a vinyl awning or anything). It was only 3500$ to cover our deck in our old house, that was stucco, electrical, attaching it to the house everything.

    7. music would sound awesome out there!

  4. A coworker just stopped by to let me know the perfect solution for the backyard: get a dog. He says it doesn’t matter what I do back there after that, the dog will completely ruin it.

    How does that sound Mrs. WhiteEyebrows?

  5. Too bad we Brauns are in the same predicament. We’ll be happy to poach your solutions when you find them though.

  6. Oh, I would be glad to spend your money for you! If we were staying I would totally help, I love that kind of stuff, my little brain is full of ideas from HGTV! I would start with the patio forst.

    Good luck!

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