WhiteEyebrows vs. The Four Way Stop

I have a HUGE pet peeve that I really need to get off my chest here…

I hate it when people dont’ know how to do a 4 way stop!  Hate, hate, hate, hate!

Here is how you do a four way stop.  Listen well.

  1. Pedestrians always have the right of way first.
  2. Whoever got to the four way stop first has the right of way first.
  3. If two cars arrived at the same time, the car to the RIGHT has the right of way first.  (How do you know you’re the one on the right?  Well, look out the right hand side of your windshield… if no one is there, it’s YOU!)
  4. Those going STRAIGHT have the right of way before those turning LEFT.  (Just like a stop light!  Those turning left may do so directly AFTER the cars going straight have cleared the intersection.)  This is the most commonly betrayed rule.  Cars turning DO NOT get the right of way.  Do NOT signal them through.  Do NOT be nice!  You are perpetuating the problem if you are signaling a turning car through the intersection before you go.  Once again, IF YOU ARE GOING STRAIGHT, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY BEFORE A LEFT HAND TURNER!  Thank you.

Any questions?

Here’s my best friend in the world showing how this works…

Also an example of the dire consequences of the dreaded WAVE THROUGH:

If you really want to make a difference in the world, please pass this along. Link to this post. Post this video on your Facebook or Twitter or MySpace or on your refrigerator door. Let’s educate the masses, here!

One thought on “WhiteEyebrows vs. The Four Way Stop”

  1. My bad accident I had 2 1/2 years ago was because some idiot waved through a left turner, and I was coming in the lane next to the waver. DON’T WAVE PEOPLE THROUGH. The dude that got hit by me, even though he was waved through, got a “failure to yield” ticket and had his insurance pay for $11, 000 worth of damages to my car, plus 3 weeks of a rental car for me to use. DON’T WAVE PEOPLE THROUGH. It’s not polite, it’s dangerous.

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