Holiday Gift Idea #1

Continuing last year’s successful series on Holiday Gift ideas, I will be posting several gift ideas in the next few days that are sure to be this year’s hottest items.  (we believe in trend setting here on the blog, not trend following!)

So here it goes, Holiday Gift Idea #1 for 2008 is….


(Now go back and say it in the voice of Rod Roddy, the old announcer from The Price is Right)


That’s right!  There’s nothing better to aide our ailing economy than for all of America to go out and purchase a brand new, shiny, American-made car!  (I say “American made” because many of these cars are now manufactured in Mexico……  And they’re Americans too, right?)

Not only will you be helping out three companies who have absolutely no chance for long term survival (no less, profitability… ha!), but you’ll be also investing in our National Security interest! (Which, by the way, is the dumbest excuse I heard all weekend for this auto bail out – as if we’re ever going to need to produce tanks like we did in WWII again…)

So do it!  Go buy a new car and invest in the future of poorly managed American corporations who are banking on you, the taxpayer, to continue funding their junkets, flops, and failures.

Can I get a head on a pike, please?

One thought on “Holiday Gift Idea #1”

  1. Wow. Was that just a year ago that we reveled in W.E.’s insightful gift ideas. My how time flies when in the midst of a dismal failure of an economy. Way to drink the Kool-Aid!

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