Writer’s Block

My Dear Lady and Gentleman Readers,

I am currently experiencing an unprecedented level of writer’s block.

I don’t what brought this on, but (as you can tell from yesterday’s bomb of a post) for some reason when I sit down to write this blog each day, I pull a complete blank.

Usually I just write about stuff that is on the top of my mind, stuff that has been sloshing around in there and stuff that I have accumulated one or two formulated ideas around.

In the past two and a half days, that simply hasn’t been happening.

I usually have about 10-20 work-in-progress posts saved as drafts that I can easily bring out and dust off on days when I am so afflicted, but even that well has dried up now. Most are just idea stubs that I have no mental will to complete.

So I suppose I have two questions:

  1. What is your favorite home remedy for writer’s block?
  2. Why do you even read this in the first place?

May I suggest one or two things that might help my predicament:

  • Feel free to stroke my ego. Leave a comment telling me how brilliant one of my other blogs was, or how much it changed your life. Perhaps if you’ve been blog stalking me for a while, you could leave a comment letting me know you’re there and how much you depend on the W.E. Blog for your daily intellectual stimulation and how it provides you a smörgåsbord of delight.
  • Pray for my powers to return, especially since tonight is American Idol.
  • Cause me to get totally freaked out or up in arms about something. Usually the best blogs comes when I’m so upset I’m typing over 100wpm.

Thank you for your continued support in my time of need.


14 thoughts on “Writer’s Block”

  1. My remedy for writer’s block is not to write. Sit on your butt and do nothing for a while, or sit on your butt and people watch. I love to people watch! (It brings out all kinds of memories and ideas.) Usually the best stuff comes when you’re not looking for it. So, chill. Wait for the idea that comes out of nowhere.

    Ok, here is the ego boost *clearing throat*:
    • The American Idol posts are delightful in that they usually make me laugh out loud.
    • If people blog stalk you, it the sincerest form of flattery, so go check your stats.
    and . . . ok, I’m thinkin’ here . . .
    • Reading your blog is a nice little break from Nazi Germany.

    Oh, and two words to get you mad: 1. shocked 2. appalled

    There. Does that help?

  2. Well, I don’t watch American Idol anymore (when I quit performing, I REALLY quit), so I usually don’t read those posts because I have no idea who you’re talking about. That being said, I read every other post you write because a) google reader tells me to and b) you’re a good writer with an opinion. I love my friends, but I get tired of going to their blogs and seeing nothing but pictures of how cute their kids are. There are many aspects of life that you actually take the time to notice and comment on–which often leads me to think about my world a little more closely. It’s a nice POV shift.

    If you’re looking for inspiration, I’d suggest NPR. An hour of Morning Edition or All Things Considered really angries up the blood if you care about the state of the world. I usually hear so much stupidity and hypocrisy spewing forth from the bloated pie holes of politicians, pundits, eco-nazis, robber barons, and the justice system that I can rant for days. 🙂

  3. Maybe it’s not you…maybe it’s us…maybe we’re all suffering from a case of commenter’s block.

  4. “Cause me to get totally freaked out or up in arms about something”

    W.E. I think I can help.. Talk about how you will soon have a freaking awesome guy live in your box room soon =]

  5. I’ve never seen the word smörgåsbord with it’s appropriate stress marks. Thanks for that.

    And your blog is so great because you are very good at communicating a well-reasoned argument.
    You have varied sentence structure, which is nice, and your vocabulary is intelligent and expansive.

    I subscribe to Rhia’s brilliant theory (which also happens to be a great dating break-up line):
    It’s not you…it’s us.

  6. I think it’s all in direct relationship to me not commenting. About a week ago I realized that I comment upon every one of your posts and decided that was too obsessive and wierd so I have been quieter. Now you have writers block. I am sorry I will go back to my old ways.

  7. If it’s any consolation, I’ve never been a fan of American Idol but now that I’ve been following your poignantly descriptive reports, I’m almost ready to actually watch it! Any writers’ block will just make us appreciate the new works that much more–think of the writer’s strike!

  8. My blog has gone like….ultra girly in the past few weeks. I decided when I didn’t have a life-changing subject to comment about I would write what I wanted to talk about even if I was the only one who wanted to read it. It totally worked for me. I am on a pink ruffly roll over on the superblog fantastico.

    Maybe you should write on a totally personal subject that you might assume no one wants to hear about. It might suprise you.

    Or you can take over where I left off and have a manly no girls allowed blog or two.

    Or a dramatic revelations blog. Those are fun. Stir up some trouble!

    OK. That’s all the wisdom I have to impart. Which is not much. My blogging experience is not as extensive as yours oh great eyebrowed one.

  9. W.E., I admit it. I blog stalk you.

    Unnervingly enough, my first thought was that “smörgåsbord” was perfectly executed. I’ve never seen that done before. And I liked it. A lot. And since words
    are pretty much the sum and substance of my job, I appreciate a well accented, properly used (both in substance and in spelling) word. Use of that word
    alone made reading your blog worth it.

    Whatever you do, W.E.. Don’t go on strike. I couldn’t bear a day without WE sentiments!
    Words love you and you don’t abuse that love.

  10. Well… I hate reading blogs of any kind, but for some reason I have been seen reading yours from time to time. Go figure.
    BTW thanks again for the creative sign you made for me.

  11. Well, I couldn’t do without this blog, since you’ve comverted me into an AI fan now! We get AI a day or two late over here, so I usually sit in front of the TV with the computer on your page and follow along with your post as I watch the show. I also really enjoy your regular posts. I think you do a great job of researching and thnking through these issues to give a balanced perspective. And I enjoy listening to your point of view. So don’t stop!
    On a side note, I am shocked and appalled that you would even consider not posting, but I know with every fiber of my being that if you had more faith you would be healed of this writer’s block. (Are you up in arms yet?)

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