Top 8 Reviewed

Tonight was a slightly disappointing night given the complete liberty the contestants had. Perhaps this actually shows that either 1) they really don’t know who they are as artists yet (even though they are infinitely more talented than last year’s group), or 2) they are just total idiots.

Let’s dig in.


This wasn’t a bad start for the show, but still a bit boring to me. It all sounds like a wannabe, like some guy who wanted to be Queen singing in the shower all his life.  People told him he was pretty good, mostly to make him feel good, or because they had no concept of what is good, or they are tone deaf, so then one day he auditions for American Idol, even though he is clearly un-American with his fake Australian accent and lack of sufficient adoration for Baseball and Squeaky Cheese.

Did I take that a bit too far?  I hope so.

Oh, and Paula’s comment: “My chihuahua is going to join you on stage.” I’m not sure that’s a compliment – bowww wowwww wowwwww.


Well, my woman finally knocked one out of the park for me. It still doesn’t stand up to Fantasia’s original rendition of it – no one can sing that song like Fantasia. She does get credit for doing everything that you’re absolutely not supposed to do for two weeks in a row: 1) sing songs by mariah, whitney, or celine and 2) sing songs that other American Idol contestant made memorable.  Props for the bravery.1

Can I just take this opportunity to lament the fact that we have no women in the competition this year who can take the paint off the walls with their voice? What happened to voices like Melinda, LaKisha, Mandisa, Latoya, Fantasia, or even Jordin?

I’m disappointed.


This week Jason seems to be channeling the leprechauns with his green leggings and rhinestone studded double v-neck shirts.

What was this song? My first thought was, how dare you sing my Katherine McPhee song? Then TLB informed me that the person who originated this prancing through the meadow leprechaun version sang it so much better. I’ll believe her.

I like the arrangement (even though the ukulele was a bit much) but the whole Jason Castro thing is still a little elven for me.  I feel like his demographic is quite limited.

Awesome mouth move though… (if you followed me at all last year, you know I’m obsessive about singer’s mouth movements and if they bug me)

You would think by this mouth move that he was singing Korn, not some Kermit the Frog song…

Kristy Lee

I have a slight suspicion that Kristy has been reading my blog. In her video, she stole my lines… “everything will work out in the end.” And also stole my line that we should always do what’s right… even when it’s stupid or no one agrees with it.

At the start of the song I was asking, “how did we get here? ” Why is she still here? But I’m still glad she gets a nineteenth second chance.  Everyone needs one of those.

By the end I just couldn’t freaking believe it. How, how, how did she do so well?!?! She is supposed to be tanking it! She’s supposed to be on the down hill slope. She’s supposed to be headed out. I’m afraid she even out sang my WoooMan Syesha…

I’m gonna say this about Kristy Lee.. I like how unaffected she is. She is just classically beautiful, not all put on, over made-up, and plastic like Carly.

I never thought I’d bring myself to do it.. but here’s the Kristy Lee Video:

[flashvideo filename=video/top8-kristlee.flv /]

David Cook

I felt like this week was a step backward for David Cook. Maybe not a step backward, but certainly not a step forward. Perhaps the greatest evidence to date that he is way too into himself. Perhaps the most self-absorbed, stupid “I wrote something on my hand you need to pay attention to” was what pushed me over the edge.

Give me a break.

The white jacket was creepy and Michael Jackson-esque. Pompous maybe wasn’t the right word… but it was a very self-absorbed performance.


I thought it was intense in the beginning, but I thought she lost her way toward the end there. It wasn’t great. Her stock was over inflated by the judges early, and she still hasn’t risen to the occasion.

Sidenote: Paula: How many is a bazillion?

David Archuleta

Of ALL THE SONGS in the world you could have picked… pllllllllllllease! Give me a break. That was a terrible pick. I don’t understand. But then the judges loved the pick. I don’t understand.

However, the “lick those lips” sign made the whole segment worth it.


I had high expectations – I hoped last weeks slip would have spurred her to really knock one out this week, but unfortunately it was like a tacky lounge lizard version that you might hear in your local mall. That’s just one step above freaky musak elevator music, for those of you who are keeping track.

And what’s up with this pouty face…

Did she get that tip from Ramiele before she left?  UGH!  Why must that little midget live on?!?


Was tonight a waste of our airwaves? I think maybe it was.

Here is my order based on tonight only:

  1. Kristy Lee
  2. David A
  3. Syesha
  4. Jason
  5. Brooke
  6. Michael
  7. Carly
  8. David Cook

Bottom 3 will be Brooke, Michael and Carly.

7 thoughts on “Top 8 Reviewed”

  1. Highlight – Lip sign
    Lowlight – New sponsor on the show.. Ace Bandage brand casual wear.. Ugh.. pahhhlease

    Bottom 3 – Brooke, Michael, Jason
    This is a tough one but Jayson gets the gas

  2. OK first of all, I couldn’t agree with you more re: Jason Castro. The rainbow background…the leggings…the face mutation. I have long maintained that the kid
    is some kind of Fraggle meets Muppet character anyway, but on top of that he goes and sings his Kermit inspired song he did for his Sesame Street audition? Jason,
    if you want some love from TLB, you’re gonna need to give me something to work with.

    David Cook: Um, was he going for Prince? Because that’s who he resembled in my book.

    Kristy Lee Cook: Yeah, where did that come from? And why hasn’t she busted that out before?

    Brooke: I thought she was awkward when she first auditioned, then I changed my mind, but now I’ve changed it back (fickle, much?) What is she even doing?
    And the crying on stage all the time? P.S. Her hair is so rad. It definitely blows mine out of the water so WHY oh WHY did she do that to it last night? Hideous
    would be an understatement.

    And WE, after the idol recap last night from previous season, I’m officially in your camp of “where are all the women that can sing?” Ladies, step it up!

  3. For the record, Jason Castro’s song was not a Kermit the Frog ditty. I should know—Kermit the Frog expert here (his song is “Rainbow Connection” not “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”). Gee. Important details! I actually liked it, as long as I closed my eyes (tights and rainbow graphics?—yikes!). The guy who did the version that Castro sang last night was great, but I actually liked this one a little bit better. Sorry, I didn’t think it was that bad.

    The lip sign was fricken’ awesome (I was laughing out loud)!

    I’m so confused about Kristy Lee right now. What? How?

    Carly looked better this week, in my opinion, although, they still need to cover the tatts more often (ugh!).

    Brooke actually made me yawn.

    David Cooke started to believe his own hype this week and it showed.

    I still love the other David, and it was good, but eh.

    The end.

  4. k , fast cause I have a billion things to do…

    Michael- started out good, wasn’t impressed by the end.

    Syesha- she just wants to be WE wooo man that’s why she is trying to sing all the big songs. Wish she wasn’t trying so hard to be the wooo man.

    JAson- I still like him. I really liked him tonight and I think you are wrong-o

    Kristy Lee- wow I loved it.

    David Cook – blah

    Carly is going to be my new vote her off cause she drives me nuts. Can’t stand her anymore. She holds her mouth funny when she sings. She can’t even look at the juges without falling apart. She can’t own or buy a sleeved shirt. Simon was right, she oversang it. It was yuck

    David A. I agree with WE actaully seems like there could have been better song…

    Brooke – finally a week where I ddidn’t care for her. I OH well, she deserves to stay in it over Carly.

    I actually totaly agree with W.E. about the rankings. I hope it’s Carly going home, but I odn’t think it iwll be.

  5. Nobody else seems to notice that Jason Castro looks exactly like John Travolta. Am I taking crazy pills here?

  6. I actually really enjoyed this night, but then again I am a total sucker for this kind of music.

    Michael: Whatever, don’t care for him, haven’t for a while.
    Syesha: I have never heard Fantasia sing this (her season was the one season I didn’t watch) therefore, I had nothing to compare it to and I thought she did a pretty okay job, but she is just so boring and that fact that she and Rami are besties makes me want to pukie.

    Jason: I loved it! Sorry, but I did. I love this version of the song and I really do think he one up-ed it even. I am back to being a big Jason Castro fan.

    Kristy Lee: I think I liked it so much because she put a little emotion into it. I can’t believe I am going to say this but, I think Paula put it perfectly (that just doesn’t sound right) when she said It is easy to sing songs that inspire you. Kristy was totally wrapped up in that song and I think that is why it was so good. She wasn’t overthinking every single note, body movement, etc.

    David Cook: The song was just okay, not horrible, just okay. I actually really liked the white jacket. I thought it made him look like a star and I think it is his style to so I didn’t feel like he sold himself out.

    Carly: Not even going to waste my time. All I am going to say is, wasn’t it supposed to be inspirational music night, not angry overly tattooed girl night?

    David A: I thought it was okay. I have a hard time enjoying songs when they are singing and playing the piano because I am just so afraid they will mess up on one or the other. Lame I know.

    Brooke: I think this wouldn’t have been such a let down had she been one of the first to sing. It was just way too mellow for a show closer. I don’t think it did anything for her but I don’t think it really hurt her too bad either.

    Honestly, probably my favorite night so far. I like Happy Songs.

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