The Dining Room table saga continues…

Yesterday I saw a sign in our neighborhood advertising a furniture clearance at the model home in our neighborhood, so this morning I went to check it out.  It was a mad-house!  They had 3 tables there, but the one in the formal dining room I totally fell in love with.

And of course… it was sold and paid for already.

So like a complete idiot, I scoured the table for any kind of brand name or clues as to its origin.  Finding none, I took the measurements and wrote down as much information as possible…

…and then turned to my good friend Google.

First I tried putting in the original Chinese manufacturer’s name.  I got their website, but they only listed office furniture… boo!

Then I followed some links to a few online bill-of-landing slips from the manufacturer to see which companies/warehouses they were supplying in the US.  No luck there, either.

Then, in a desperation buzzer shot, I tried Googling the measurements.  VOILA!  The table had such unique measurements that just Googling the measurements brought up the table!

In a matter of minutes, I was comparing prices online for the table, and thankfully I actually found it in our price range!  (free shipping and no sales tax!!!)

Wanna see it?



Do you love it?  I don’t care if you do, because I do.  So there…


12 Responses to I Think I Found It

  1. mom says:

    What does Audrey think? It is very very nice…..

  2. i do love it. No white!

  3. tio says:

    very nice.

  4. Jefe says:

    Very nice choice. Way to be persistent. I can’t help but think though, maybe the manufacturer should be more public about his gem of a dining room set.

  5. Tony Tones says:

    I hope the Palm Tree comes with it and you put it in your dining room. It really compliments the TABLE!

  6. Annie says:

    Looks nice. Now you can get on with your life right?

  7. One snag… the wifey wasn’t there to get all emotionally involved in it, so she’s still gotta approve. argh!

  8. I love it! No white!

  9. Annike says:

    I love it. Very posh, but looks comfortable and will last for ages.

    (Does the dresser/display case come with it? Cause for free shipping I’ll take that off your hands!)

  10. Rhia Jean says:

    Well…it’s okay. 😉

  11. It’s not from Penny’s RJ… so it’s better than OK. 🙂

  12. Emily says:

    I love it! No annoying center to bump your knees on, no white . . . gorgeous!

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