American Idol Finale Party

SAVE THE DATE for the much anticipated American Idol Season 7 Finale Party.  The party will be Wednesday, May 21st.

It is a DRESS UP LIKE YOUR FAVORITE CONTESTANT OR JUDGE FROM AMERICAN IDOL party.  There will be prizes for the most creative and/or unexpected costumes.  (you don’t have to come dressed up if you don’t want to)

For all of you closeted AI fans, now is the time to show your true colors and make yourself known to society at large!

If you have any ideas for things we should/could/would do to make this party awesome, let me know.


From a Wigwam

When my siblings and I were young, our mom (in her infinite wisdom) made us all take piano lessons.

None of us lasted a long time on it, except my sister who could play the world’s hardest song, “The Spinning Song” from book #3 or 4 in the Thompson series. I remember it went something like “deedle deedle dum dum, da da, deedle deedle dum dum, da da!

She must have played that pattern ONE BILLION TIMES! (even 20 years later it rattles through my head)

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Why I Choose to be Religious

I thought I would write a little religion post today, realizing that I hadn’t posted on a religious topic since Christmas, so I’m past due.

In October of 1999, I had an incredible experience singing in my church’s semi-annual General Conference. I was part of a combined men’s chorus from BYU, singing in the Mormon Tabernacle for the final priesthood meeting which would ever be held there (the big conference center was just being finished). It was a great honor and opportunity. We sang this song: Continue reading Why I Choose to be Religious