When Buying Meat…

On my recent vacation, I took the opportunity to visit my brother at his place of employment: the full service meat counter of a grocery store chain.  They take great pride in their meats, and boy did he have some interesting stories and perspectives that I felt that we all should know for our own enlightenment and understanding, so we can become more courteous shoppers:

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WhiteEyebrows vs. The Lightbulb

You know something is wrong when you’re Googling: “how to change a lightbulb”…

Yes, my friends, last night I arrived home to find that I had, indeed, left my exterior lights on all night and all day long – and I noticed that one of them was finally burned out (2.5 years is pretty good for an exterior incandessant bulb, no?)

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Someone Go Get Bob out of Mothballs

So, I finally caved in and started watching a few Olympic competitions.  NBC is, of course, still the HNIC of broadcasting anything Olympic.  In fact, when I was younger, I remember NBC’s peacock logo beign synonymous with the Olympic rings, and substituted the John Williams Olympic theme for the NBC sound (you know, the three xylophone/bells/marimba tones…)

But for all of the Olympic staples (the music, the rings, the McDonalds sponsorships), nothing surpasses the ubiquity of Bob Costas.

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Google AdWords Sucks!

Frequenters of the WhiteEyebrows Blog may have noticed that, a few weeks ago, some nifty Google Ads started to creep up on my site.  This was not a result of Google’s merciless monopolization and commoditization of each and every corner of the inter-web, as you might be thinking…. This is an example of my own merciless commoditization of every corner of my life…

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How Dramatic

Depending on which chapter of my life you came to know me in, you may or may not know that I was pretty involved in the theatre.  Deeply.  Heavily.  Sickeningly.  I graduated in it, for the pity’s sake.

Since 2005, however, I have been only cursorily involved in a few things. Lately though, I’ve seen a lot of shows… more in the past two months than in the past year, I think…

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Back to the Blog

First of all, let me apologize for my lack of posting in this fine month of August.  I realize that many of you rely on WhiteEyebrows.com for your daily dose of propaganda, intellectual stimulation, humor and mirth, and so I profusely apologize for the acute absence of said things this past week.  (Especially the mirth)

This blog is going to be a bit of a scattered catch-up (as opposed to a Catsup or Ketchup).

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I Love Airports

I love airports. They are exciting.  Everyone is either going somewhere or coming back from somewhere.  There is movement.  There is anticipation.

Then there’s also exhaustion… lots and lots of exhaustion.

I’ve often wondered why some business travelers insist on wearing suits and ties onto the airplane.  My brother-in-law informs me that this is because they’re always worried about who they might meet, and want to look professional.  I think they are plain nuts!  Especially if they are flying coach with we common folk.

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Reflections of Christ

The following video is a montage of photographs taken in Arizona by some LDS photographers.  They do a really good job of capturing the humanity, essence, and beauty of the Christian message.


[flashvideo filename=/video/ReflectionsOfChrist.flv /]

You can visit their website at http://www.reflectionsofchrist.org/