American Idol – Top 5 Reviews

Overall, kind of a weird show last night.

1. Chris – still the best, still the most popular, still the most appropriate “american idol”. He is far from the bubble gum pop star that the show created… this will add credibility to the series, big time. He needs to be careful though… i’m glad he’s realizing his limits, that he can’t get up there and scream his head off every day. He’ll die.

2. Kathrine – you are still my #2 overall, although last nights performances probably warranted the #3 slot. Stilll, I think you’ve got more of what it takes than the others. Your biggest threat is Paris, of course. She and her sisters can still slap you and your yellow panties around. How did I miss the wadrobe malfunction last week??? I will have to go back with my magnifying glass… at least your underwear matched the dress… good work there.

3. Paris – Somehow when you sing the hip hop, current stuff, you make me cringe. Like your voice is too special to waste on that drivel. Then I remember that you are like 17 and that is probably what you like to listen to with your crack smokin’ sistas. Somehow I don’t think Billy Holliday is your idol, although you sound just like her and would KILL the senior citizen market if you just sang what you were good at.

4. Elliot – you are convincing me. I have given simon the benefit of the doubt all this time when he’s said you could be the best male vocalist they’ve ever had. I just hadn’t heard it… but slowly, slowly you are convincing me. You will make good records, rather than be a good live performer.

5. for a contrast… Taylor, your records will not sell, but your performances will… especially if you keep falling on the floor in your cardiac arrests. For your next trick, can you do a few backhand springs please? Boy… rough for you. When I watched the recap, everyone back to back, you were clearly the weakest, the most gimmicky. If anyone goes but you this week, it will be a mistake. Good luck soul patrolling the streets of whatchahoochie wheerever you’re slilvery hair is from.

PS > how is it that you have the EXACT same smile from when you were like 4 years old???

I suppose the only thing keeping me riveted to the TV now is the chance that there will be an upset. I think the lines are pretty well drawn by now. top 5 is an incredible round number. Fox knows this which is why they had 3 or 4 segments on the idol tour, idol cd, idol t-shirt, and other crap they want you to buy.

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