To those who mess with time

Don’t be fooled. March 1st does not come after February 28. Not this year.

Leap year comes from the long tradition of confusing the heck of out the general public. Nothing messes with people more than changing time, the basic unit of measurement for practically everything…

You know, the same wackos who brought us “leap year” also brought us Daylight Savings Time (which I can only remember by the silly little mantra: fall back, spring forward).

These are the same nutties who also decided a few years ago that Daylight Savings needed to be extended even FURTHER, which screwed up its coincidence with LDS General Conference (oh how I long for the days President Monson reminded us to turn our clocks back).

So now, after 26 years, I finally figured out that I am supposed to “fall back” and “spring forward”, but now I have no earthly idea when. grrrrr

Many of you who follow my little facebook status message might have noticed that I recently spent a lot of time learning to program timezones into my websites. Holy freakin’ cow!!! Did you realize that there are places, mostly in Australia, who actually observe a 1/2 hour time difference? (i.e. Adelaide is +9.5 GMT) Isn’t that something straight out of Harry Potter, or that other children’s novel where they go to the something-something-and-a-half floor… you get my drift.

So to you calendar people, and leap year lovers… I have one thing to say… phhhbbbbtttt. I’m not observing Leap Day (it is just a day, after all… not a whole year for crying out loud) this time.

Maybe if I got gifts on Leap Day I would feel better about it.

6 thoughts on “To those who mess with time”

  1. If I could get you a gift for Leap Day, I would get you a frog…get it? Okay, that was bad.

  2. If you’re not observing Leap Day, does that mean it’s already March for you? Will you be a day ahead of all of for the next 4 years until the next leap year happens at which point yyou’ll be 2 days ahead? I’m concerned, Sam. We should discuss this decision…

  3. I know. Ky’s bday is march 9 and she is so excited. I have been counting down with her til her bday and but for some reason every day I forget about the 29th and have to recalculate cause it is confusing. Poor girl has to wait one MORE day for her birthday.

  4. February 29 is also traditionally the only day of the year where a girl can propose to a guy…did you dodge any bullets today?? 🙂

    Also, Katrina Paxman from school is getting married today, which I think is cute – they’ll still be newlyweds in 7 years!

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