Microsoft Finally Gets It Right

After the miserable failure of the epic “Seinfeld/Gates” ads and their “I’m a PC” ads, Microsoft has finally gotten this one right!

They’ve resorted to using children.  Check it out:

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The Channelization of the Internet

Earlier this year, I wrote about voyeurism and losing our souls to the internet.  The premise of the post was that the representations that we make of ourselves online can eventually replace other people’s actual/real perceptions of us – and that it can destroy your soul, basically.

I’d like to continue this conversation by pointing out that the internet has been going through a dramatic change.  In the technology industry we call it “Web 2.0”, but no one really knows what that actually means… so let me try to explain what this is and what I see it doing to our society.

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Google AdWords Sucks!

Frequenters of the WhiteEyebrows Blog may have noticed that, a few weeks ago, some nifty Google Ads started to creep up on my site.  This was not a result of Google’s merciless monopolization and commoditization of each and every corner of the inter-web, as you might be thinking…. This is an example of my own merciless commoditization of every corner of my life…

How else am I going to retire by the time I’m 40?  It actually all goes back to the Snow Cone Stand, really… but that’s another blog.  I hope YFC will one day write a guest blog about it… Continue reading Google AdWords Sucks!