Disaster on Melvin Drive

Last night I was sitting at my piano, pretending to be the Phantom of the Opera, when I heard sirens. I live not too far from a road that the firetrucks often use, so I wasn’t too alarmed, until it sounded like they were getting closer and closer.

I went outside and saw a few neighbors out on their lawns and chatting with each other. Then looking up the road, I saw multiple vehicles with blinky lights and a large plume of black smoke rising in the air.

I walked up the street and confirmed: a house on my street had caught fire.

Apparently, the fire was localized to the garage, and smoke was billowing out of the garage door and up to the 2nd story, blackening the whole front of the house.

When the firemen got the blaze under control, they tore off the garage door from the outside which just billowed smoke (that looked like hard work) and revealed a fire-gutted SUV and a whole mess of smoldering stuff which had been stored in the garage.

Everyone made it out of the house all right. No one was injured, and the firemen/women were amazing in their response and expertise in controlling the situation. Those tax dollars we spend on firemen are totally worth every penny!

Sometimes when I’m away on vacation, I joke to myself, “Well, guess I’d better go home and make sure my house didn’t burn down while I was gone.”

For some reason, this joke isn’t as funny anymore.

3 thoughts on “Disaster on Melvin Drive”

  1. Why do I think that the name of your street is funny? Melvin drive. hee hee. (what am I? in 4th grade)

    Scary, we are glad that you and your neighbors are ok!

  2. There go the property values. Now everyone will know that you had a meth house in your neighborhood and their kitchen in the garage blew up. I thought you lived in a better neighborhood.

  3. You walked down there to see your handi-work didn’t you? Mmm-hmmm. You’re very proud of yourself. That’s why you not only blogged about it, but also put it on your facebook profile and texted all of your friends. I’m on to you mister! 🙂

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