Making Ronald Look Good

The other day, I pulled up to the drive through at McDonalds and saw that they had some new fancy photography on their menu:

The picture might not show it very clearly, but look closely and you’ll notice they’ve put plates under each item.  Yes.  Your McCrap is being served on a plate!  How premium!  Plates are so fancy!  With a little stack of fries on the side, even.  How lovely!

It’s no secret that McDonalds has been trying for the last several years to change its image from a gluttonous, everything-you-want-but-shouldn’t-eat, crap-for-burgers eating establishment to a premium fast-food joint, but this takes it one step too far!  I will not have my fast food served on a plate, thank you very much!


4 thoughts on “Making Ronald Look Good”

  1. Try working in a hospital that not only has a McDonalds inside, but it is the only thing open after 6 pm. Ironic, don’t you think- a health care institution that is supposed to promote the health and well being of the people in the community and it offers McDonalds as the nutrition source for patients, families, and friends. There’s just something about that that just seems wrong to me. What do you think? (PS this is djensen’s other half. How are you friend?)

  2. Why oh why do you even go to a MacCrap anyway? You are always near a Steak and Shake and the price can’t be a whole lot more. Oh for the joy of having an In-and-Out nearby….the only problem there is that you have to order a double at the least and a 4 level job, the maximum, to find any meat. But they sure are tasty….and they have fries that you kill for, and you can help yourself to all the salt that you want…..oh heaven, here I come…yup…

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