Top 36 – Group 2

Is it just me or does it seem like AI is really struggling this year to get the live shows off the ground?  Something is off in the universe…

Aw well… here we go with the individual reviews…

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Top 36 – Group 1

I need to start these live shows – the real part of American Idol – right by complaining up front: I don’t like the 12 cut to 3 format!  The cut is too deep too soon!  We can’t get to know any of these people or see them progress on a weekly basis.  It changes the voting entirely, and leaves to a much greater chance the ‘top 12’ that we might get to see.

Wow… Doogie Howser and Ted Danson are in the audience.  I’m star struck.


That being said, let’s take ’em one by one…

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Arizona? Try Awful-zona.

Tonight’s premiere was a great way to start the season.  In fact, I will say very little at this stage, and let the images and video speak for itself!  … but first…

… Simon flips off America!  What a great way to start off Season 8!!!


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The Miracle of Christmas Poo

Ok, Stallion is going to have to forgive me, but I couldn’t help but post this hilarious video of his new hit song:

(P.S. This is what happens to me on Friday afternoon when everyone logs out and leaves work early, and I’m stuck here.)

The Miracle of Christmas Poo

[flashvideo filename=/video/miracle-of-christmas-poo.mp4 /]

Stand on the Red X

John McCain did a reasonable job last night.  At least, he didn’t botch the job, which was what many were expecting.  It’s no great secret that this man is not much for oratory, but he did what he could to make a case for his presidency, and I think he actually made a more grounded, defined, specific case than Barack did.

Barack’s speech was a very high-level, kitchen sink speech.  He is basically going to do everything in the world when he’s president.  McCain’s speech just served to reaffirm that which we think he will already do. So I think I have a much more solid idea of what McCain’s priorities are.  Barack, still not so much.

However, the best part of the convention came at the balloon drop where certain members of that “elite media” were given large red X’s to stand on… and poor Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC/NBC got exactly what was coming to her…

Michelle Obama for President

Last night I watched most of the highlights of the Democratic National Convention.  I’m not a Democrat, but I feel it’s my civic duty to listen to the hot air blow from both parties in order to make an informed, independent decision.

Last night’s headliner was Michelle Obama, and can I just say that I am now more excited about Michelle than I am about Barack and McCain combined?  Call me young and idealistic, but you can’t help but watch her and be amazed by her beautiful vision of our country.  And man can this woman can give a speech!

Forget Barack… I want Michelle Obama for President!  At least she can get through a complete thought without pausing awkwardly in the middle, like Barack.

(Someone does need to teach her the right way to say “Iraq”, though.  The public television people are probably curled in the fetal position over in the corner…)

And Thus We Were Manipulated

And Thus We Were Manipulated
Why Mormon Pop Music and CES Videos Bug Me

A while ago, on my way home from church, I was listening to a mix CD of Sunday music. When the song “His Hands” came on, I quickly pressed the next button, but unfortunately it was too late… the other person in my car had identified the tune. “I LOVE that song… why did you change it?” they said. So I was forced to go back and let them listen to it.

It took the rest of the trip home to try and explain the following:

Growing up, I listened to a lot of Mormon pop music. A lot. It mostly grew out of the fact that I often sang in church, so I tended to listen for new material, and to be part of that universe. I was practically an authority on all things Perry or Cope.

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