My Feelings

I have been accused of not writing enough on here about my feelings… so here goes.

A day of feelings, in the life of WhiteEyebrows:

  • I woke up and felt tired and congested.
  • Then I felt stinky… so I took a shower… where I felt refreshed.

Then I went to work and I felt the following:

  • Overworked… I have way too much on my plate.
  • Overwhelmed… How am I going to get it all done?
  • Creative… when I actually dug into my work.
  • Hungry… time for LUNCH!
  • Frustrated… when I made no balls in while I played pool.
  • Angry… when a conference call was stupid.
  • Confused… when I couldn’t figure out a schedule for a product I have to deliver.
  • Saudades (that’s a Brazilian feeling of missing someone or something)
  • Tired… a few days of no sleep really started catching up.
  • Proud… I kicked a project’s butt and enjoyed some accolades.
  • Expectant… can’t wait until after work
  • Happy… work ended!

Then I went to a show and felt:

  • Stuffed… from dinner beforehand.
  • Interested… I remembered most of the show.
  • Reflective… on the first time I saw the show as the only white man in a sea of beautiful, proud, black women in New York.
  • Embarrassed… at some of the inappropriate content.
  • Pity… for Celie and others who only know abusive men their whole life.
  • Redemption… for some of the characters who changed their ways.
  • Sadness… that some people take a lifetime to figure out some basic principles.
  • Overkill… when they took FOREVER between bows at the curtain call.
  • Anticipation… that my car had been towed since I parked in an unmarked spot.

As I returned home and considering my day, my life, and all the great things going on, I felt one more thing… ALIVE!

5 thoughts on “My Feelings”

  1. Ok, smart-aleck. *eye roll* Somehow, I think there might be a teeny-tiny bit of sarcasm here . . . good job! I do appreciate a nicely crafted piece of sarcasm. Afterall, as an artist, it is my medium of choice. But I would just like to add: 😛

  2. THIS IS EXACTLY LIKE A MAN. My husband would say something very very similar. This is why men are from mars and women are from venus.

  3. Today I felt that city officials must have no life…GEE WILIKERS BATMAN! Boredom strikes Tyler at the city council meeting! Cursed U.S. Government class assignment…

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