My Wildcard Predictions

Spoilers…  Don’t click through unless you’ve seen the show.

First, I’ll say I’m so so so so glad that Lil Rounds made it.  And so so so sad that Jorge beat Ju’not.  Jorge is a great guy and will do well, but I thought Ju’not would have brought something more to the competition.

Well, here are the wildcards:

  • Anoop Dawg
  • Matt Giraud
  • Ricky Braddy
  • Von Smith
  • Tatiana (BARF!)
  • Jesse (Red head)
  • Megan (Tats and Blond)
  • Jasmine Murray

All I can say is WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Tatiana?

Did you hear the collective groan heard across America when she was selected?

Dis you see the collective eye-roll?  My eyes almost got stuck in the back of my head… just sayin’…

Who should have gone through over Tatiana?

  • Ju’not
  • Nick (Normand)
  • Matt (big dude)
  • Arianna Afsar
  • Tailor
  • Felicia


Who we hope is going to make it?

  • Matt
  • Anoop
  • Jesse

Who is going to make it:

  • Tatiana
  • Matt
  • Anoop

2 thoughts on “My Wildcard Predictions”

  1. Sam Im right with ya on Tatiana. I was so dissapointed. I would have loved to see Felicia make it through way before Tatiana. I loved her “No One” performance I thought she sounded just as good as Alecia Keys if not then pretty darn close. Seriously why Tatiana?! I can think of so many that should have made it instead of Tatiana.

  2. Yes there was a collective eyeroll. What do the judges see in her? Get real. I think it should be Matt, Anoop and ANYONE ELSE EXCEPT TATIANA. I’d take any of those girls over her.

    PS. Anyone else notice that all the weeks have been 2 men and 1 woman? Guys are strong again this year.

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