One Texas Primary Vote for Sale

I have to say, it’s exciting to be a Texan this week. This is the first time in my life that my vote, a primary vote no less, might actually be significant in a national election.

It’s fun to see political ads on TV and get political mailers in my mailbox. Obama has a freaking genius running his direct mail advertising. They have already sent me 2 mailers describing exactly how to go about voting in both the primary and the caucus, in Texas’ complicated primary system. I am not a registered Democrat, which leads me to believe he is sending this stuff to everyone in the state of Texas. So the answer to how Obama is getting out new voters in such record numbers, is by simply explaining the process to them.

So I will be voting tomorrow… in the Democrat primary. McCain has the nomination for the Republicans, and I’m not interested in voting for Huckabee… ever… even if we were the last two people on the face of the planet.

But here’s my deal… I don’t know who I’m voting for yet. A vote for Hillary means I want the Dems to drag this thing out to the convention, where they will likely just coronate Obama anyways.

Voting for Obama satisfies my Anti-Clinton feelings, and gives me bragging rights to say “I stopped the her.”

I don’t really want either of them to be president… so what do I do?

Out of this conflict, I have decided to do the most American thing I can think of: sell my vote to the highest bidder. Maybe I should put it on eBay… What could be more American than that?


Apparently in the State of Washington it is illegal to sell your vote. I’m assuming that’s kind of national thing. Hmm… now what do I do?

6 thoughts on “One Texas Primary Vote for Sale”

  1. Do it – sell your vote. But if you’ve read me at all, you would know that I think you should sell it to a Barack supporter. You can’t go wrong.
    BTW, I appreciate your comments over in my neck of the hood. Do I know you? I can’t figure it out.

  2. Either way we will be a socialist country before too long, so it doesn’t really matter. I’d go Obama over Hillary, though. At least he doesn’t seem to have that innate evil going on.

  3. My mom says that if Hillary wins the election, she’s moving to Sydney with us. And as much as my husband loves my mother, I think he might get tired of it after a year or two, so I’d say vote Obama!

  4. Tis true that AK is no looker, but apparently his wife is a model in a another country and is smokin hot. I haven’t seen her, so I am not sure if the ‘smokin hot’ part is actually true. But I sure hope that AK is ok, if not I am going to track down Dirk and kick him in the shins.

  5. Go Nader. He won’t win. You will have satisfied your sense of national duty to vote. And you won’t feel criminal having aided someone’s risse to the Presidency who you absolutely weren’t enthralled with.

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