Out of Touch?

One of the common quibbles of the disaffected members of my church is their claim that church leadership is a bunch of old men who are “out of touch” with the ‘real’ world.

Well, last weekend we had a nice General Conference in which they demonstrated how ‘out of touch’ they were.  Among other things there were…

  • 2 references to TXT messaging
  • References to blogging and the new media/internet
  • Multiple (approaching innumerable) references to the need for provident, frugal living, and living within our means as the best way to get through the current (and future) economic crisis.

Not too bad for a bunch of crotchety old men living under a rock, eh?

One of the things that stuck out to me was said in Priesthood meeting by Elder Richard Scott.  He was talking about our relationship to women and said that independent of culture or religion we should be actively “reject[ing] the concept of male superiority.” It was interesting because, he was implying that it’s not only improper to for a Latter-day Saint Priesthood holder to put himself above a daughter of God, but it is one of those basic, fundamental truths (like stealing or killing) that applies to all men everywhere!  It is just wrong, no matter who you are, what religion you follow, when you lived, or your individual culture or circumstance.  He was commenting on the world in general, not solely on our own culture, religion, or history.

He further commented that typically when there isn’t “equal partnership” in a marriage, it is the man’s fault.

Yeah… those are just a bunch of ornery, self-aggrandizing old men, aren’t they…

3 thoughts on “Out of Touch?”

  1. Hey Brows, thanks for the blog on the ” Old Men ” being out of touch…good job. We should really pay more attention to these ” Old Men ” in what they say and try harder to follow their direction.

  2. The sad thing is that , I don’t know how much we are listening. Who gave that talk on Saturday about what we wear to worhip? I went to the conference center on Sunday morning and I noticed at least 3 micro-mini’s AT CONFERENCE. They were there, and since they have no taste in clothes, clearly they have little understanding of foundational garments i.e. slips, proper underwear etc. to wear under this clothes, so we get to see every thing, I am sorry if this is judgemental, but it was talked about the previous day by those exact same people and I have to admit, that I threw up a little in my mouth. uck.

  3. I’m jealous you guys got to listen to Elder Scott. I waited on the edge of my seat all through
    conference cause I love that man! Maybe next time…

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