Pig Flu, Plosives, and Pamerican Pidol

I’m following Rhia‘s lead here, and calling this disease what it is: Pig Flu.  No, it’s not swine flu (not that I think Swine is that much of an upgrade from Pig).  We need a good solid plosive to really portray our disgust at this disease.

What is a plosive?  If you’re not an English major or a vocalist, you may not know.  Plosive are consonants that make an exploding sound when you say them.  They rely on a certain amount of built up pressure behind your lips.  P,D,B,K, and T are the major ones.

Notice, all the best/nastiest words start with P

  • Pee
  • Poo
  • Prostate
  • Paula (P)Abdul
  • and many others (c’mon… my mom reads this blog)

So the “Pig Flu” does seem to enhance the nastiness of the disease.  Bravo, Rhia.

Tonight is the top 5 of American Idol, which I am now renaming Pamerican Pidol, in honor of the Pig Flu, and also to honor it as one of the best/nastiest words in our English language.

American Idol has a great vowel-filled, roll-off-the-tongue feel to it.  Throw in a few P’s and we instantly have a show that fewer Americans will like and talk about.

Henceforth American Idol will no longer be known as A.I., but as P.P.

When I was in choir during college, our choir president, Jeff, was in charge of consonants.  Even today, when I listen back to our recordings, I can hear Jeff hacking away at those beautiful consonants – especially the plosives.

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4 thoughts on “Pig Flu, Plosives, and Pamerican Pidol”

  1. I took a linguistics class during that one semester when I was an English teaching major, and they call the ‘P’ sound an unvoiced bilabial-something. It pairs up with the ‘B’ sound, which is a voiced bilabial-something. Cause, you know, your lips stay the same while you make both sounds.

    This comment brought to you by the Foundation for Annike’s Insomnia. Goodnight and God bless.

  2. P.S. I haven’t said this yet, but that picture on your header is beautiful!! The view is stunning, and the dress is gorgeous!

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