Sarah is Still the Story

The republicans are no dummies.

By tightly controlling the story around Sarah Palin, with an unprecedented lack of access by reporters, two weeks after their convention – the story is still Sarah Palin.  I turn on the radio or TV and all I hear are reporters complaining about the lack of access to her and how she is still such an unknown in the race.

Whether you consider that good press or bad press, it’s press.  And she’s still getting a lot of it.

The McCain campaign has (knowingly or unknowingly) ‘struck it rich’ with this strategy.  The media just gets more and more upset, which brings her more and more to the top of their minds and the top of their newscasts, all while the campaign gets to more time to shield her while she comes up to speed on all things McCain.

The so-called “media scrutiny” is sparking interest among those who had long lost interest in this campaign – moderate and conservative women.  They are googling her, watching her (few) video clips, and listening closely to what the media and campaigns have to say about her.  Everyone wants a piece of the Palin pie.

In an apparent snub to lefty NBC and its friends Keith Obermann, the #1 network news show will not get the next Palin interview.  The first went to Charlie Gibson of ABC and now Katie Couric of CBS.  Somehow I think Regis and Kathy might get Palin before NBC does.

Don’t you love the cattiness and score keeping of it all?

So, Obama folks, like it or not Sarah Palin is still the story, and it looks to stay that way for the near future.  If for nothing else but to breath some media hype back into this geriatric McCain campaign, he made the right pick.

2 thoughts on “Sarah is Still the Story”

  1. I saw her in a pretty good interview with Hannity last night. She is going to be a powerful force for the republicans…

  2. Now that the CBS interview has aired, what say you of Ms. Palin? How did she do? Does she merit continued media attention or did she put the reporters in their place? There is no question that a media frenzy, even negative, can be a powerful “marketing” force. The question is how long does it last and will it create a bubble that eventually grows out of proportion such that no mere mortal can live up to?

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