Sarah is Still the Story

The republicans are no dummies.

By tightly controlling the story around Sarah Palin, with an unprecedented lack of access by reporters, two weeks after their convention – the story is still Sarah Palin.  I turn on the radio or TV and all I hear are reporters complaining about the lack of access to her and how she is still such an unknown in the race.

Whether you consider that good press or bad press, it’s press.  And she’s still getting a lot of it.

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Sarah Palin is a Rock Star!

Just to get us off on the right foot… I couldn’t help but bring this up.  Someone obviously didn’t inform HP’s former CEO that the projected backdrop for her speech would totally clash with her pantsuit:

YIKES!  But for reals… down to business.

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Weekend Political Roundup

It has been a big week, and yesterday was a HUGE day in politics.  I’m sure thousands (if not millions) of you logged on to see what I had to say about Barack’s speech and McCain’s VEEP pick.

Sorry for the disappointment.

Let me just say that instead, I focused on singing a lot of Karaoke last night.  ‘Nuff said.

For those of you who wondered why I gave so much coverage to the DNC this week, don’t you fear.  I will be putting the same amount of scrutiny into the upcoming RNC.  So stay tuned.

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