Stand on the Red X

John McCain did a reasonable job last night.  At least, he didn’t botch the job, which was what many were expecting.  It’s no great secret that this man is not much for oratory, but he did what he could to make a case for his presidency, and I think he actually made a more grounded, defined, specific case than Barack did.

Barack’s speech was a very high-level, kitchen sink speech.  He is basically going to do everything in the world when he’s president.  McCain’s speech just served to reaffirm that which we think he will already do. So I think I have a much more solid idea of what McCain’s priorities are.  Barack, still not so much.

However, the best part of the convention came at the balloon drop where certain members of that “elite media” were given large red X’s to stand on… and poor Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC/NBC got exactly what was coming to her…

Sarah Palin is a Rock Star!

Just to get us off on the right foot… I couldn’t help but bring this up.  Someone obviously didn’t inform HP’s former CEO that the projected backdrop for her speech would totally clash with her pantsuit:

YIKES!  But for reals… down to business.

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