The aPORKalypse is upon us!

With the weekend behind us and a fresh week set to begin, I wondered whether everyone would have moved on from the Pork Flu (aka Pig Flu, aka Swine Flu).

They haven’t.

Apparently, the  hype has sent some people and governments into fits of stupidity.  The Egyptians ordered the slaughter of all pigs in their country, even though the disease is not spread amongst pigs, and the Chinese have quarantined all Mexicans into a shipping container (and, no doubt, sending it straight for the USA).

The question is: How stupid can the humans get?  What will be the next casualty of human dignity derived from the swine flu pandemic?  Will there be a monitor going up and down the aisles of work listening for sneezes or feeling for fevers?  Will we order all bacon recalled (and sent to the Ricks Family Reunion)?

Yes, it appears a true a-PORK-alypse is upon us!

I didn’t hear about this in Sunday School yesterday, so it must not be the same one spoken of in the Bible.  But… just to be safe, I’m getting a gun and my food storage and moving into our emergency bunker for the next 2 weeks.

If someone needs me, we will only be opening the hermetically sealed door for “shave-and-a-haircut” knocks.


2 thoughts on “The aPORKalypse is upon us!”

  1. Love the title! They tried to close the fitness center and cafeteria starting tomorrow at work but I suspect so many people complained about that they wisely reconsidered. As you might expect, I was one of the complainers.

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