There’s No Place Like Home

What a day! In some ways, this is the last day of the rest of the year. The calendar is quickly filling up and soon it will be new year’s. I hope to keep consistently blogging M-Th every week (at least), and hopefully the vacations, parties, hot wassail, and chocolate comas won’t keep me from doing so.

(Side Note: I always feel good when a month has 31 days. It makes me feel like I got the very most out of the month I possibly could. Those months with 30 (and the one with 28) really just under perform.)

Halloween is a great holiday. We theatre people often say that it’s the day when the rest of the world can see how fun it is to dress up and be someone else for a while. (welcome to our job :)) For the past two years, however, I have not really fully participated in this Halloween thing. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t really have any kids to get excited with, or if all the planned parties have been lame, or what. I haven’t decorated anything, dressed up as anything, or really done much. Someone hurry up and figure out why that is, ok?

Also, today marks an anniversary. Today is the first day my THIRD year here in Dallas. That’s right, on October 30, 2005 I rolled into Dallas, with a short gig in mind, not realizing or even dreaming that I might still be here 2 years later. All in all, though, I’m still very happy and grateful for the blessing of being here. I have a pretty great life, and even though I miss being in close proximity to my family and old friends, Texas is actually starting to feel like home.

One thought on “There’s No Place Like Home”

  1. 1. You just need some creativity. Wear all black and say you are pretending to be a stage manager! hee hee

    2. Yes you need kids, it changes everything.

    3. Interesting that Dallas is becoming home. That’s always a good feeling.

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