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Paula, what is up with your fingerless black gloves?!?! I’m opposed.


I was writhing in agony…. It’s painful. I’m cringing… you know it’s bad when I am totally focusing on listening to the backup singers more. You were all over the place, pitch-wise. It was shouty, it was awful. “I give you credit and brave” is what Paula says… I say, I give you a big fat plane ticket home. That was terrible, and Simon couldn’t have been wrong-er.

And what’s up with the stupid “my voice went bye bye” cutsie thing…

She may as well have been saying, “where’s my binky!”


When this guy sits down with his guitar and sings, he does one of two things, either he transports us to a new world, or he just goes there himself without really taking us along.

It was as ‘just fine’ performance, but he totally went to that other world tonight without taking us there with him. I think that’s the difference between the ‘chum with a guitar in the subway’ (as simon would say) and a real artist.

With performances like this you will make it into the top 5 or so, but unless you do something else, you are sunk soon.

Oh, and be careful, you’re teetering on pulling an Amanda… not visibly caring enough on TV about what happens in the competition.


In spite of you being engaged now you are still my WOOMAN, and this was an awesome performance. So engaging and beautifully executed. It wasn’t quite the breakout moment as David’s “Imagine”, but it was brilliant!

I am totally upset at the judges for their less than glowing comments on this one. I thought it was one of your best performances since Hollywood week, and they were just lukewarm on it. GRRRR…

She really doesn’t deserve a video, but I went ahead and made one anyway, cause I was so excited for her to finally do really well, and ticked at the judges for not acknowledging it… (I’ve been waiting for this!)

[flashvideo filename=video/ai-syesha.flv /]


I am now official fans of the EZE Family! His parents are awesome.

“Chickezie is like smooth milk chocolate!” TLB says. I think I agree.
I loved it. I couldn’t disagree more with those judges (again). I thought this was a great moment for him. I don’t think he picked up a lot of new fans with the song, but it was MUCH better than they gave him credit for.


With every step you take… I’m watching you Brooke White. You are just lovely and blonde.

I thought it was good, aside from forgetting your first pitch. 🙂 I thought your playing the piano didn’t add a whole lot to the song, and you would have sold it better up on your feet.

Oh, and I love how you went to a totally black outfit tonight after last week’s SUNSHINE EXTRAVAGANZA! (maybe a slight overcorrection… but oh well)


Well, I will say that this is much better than his past 3-5 weeks. He did leave it out there, but it still didn’t quite do it for me. I didn’t think he should have started with We Will Rock You. The transition was awkward, and he couldn’t hit the high notes in the middle. I’m not convinced. It seemed like a great, fun choice, a real crowd pleaser, but nothing I would go out and buy a CD over.


Man… she sang the devil out of that song. I thought the arrangement was bad, it didn’t back up what she was throwing down out there. It was slightly forgettable for me.

Whats up with Randy’s little fits tonight? Somebody put a quarter in him, cause he’s coming out with all kinds of opinions tonight!

David A

The little Archuleta siblings dancing their Mexican dance was freaking amazing.

Too bad I can’t say the same about Little Davy’s song tonight. Being the only one with the liberty to pick a song from the 90’s, I would expect that he would have picked a MUCH better song. The beginning was shaky… really shaky for me… He sold it by the end, though (in spite of the bouncing up and down all over the stage) He moves almost as awkwardly as me.

Two weeks with terrible song choices does not bode well for America’s favorite 17 year old.


I’m going to say it since Simon didn’t get a chance to: this is exactly what I would have heard at any local state fair!

HOWEVER – It was probably the smartest song choice a contestant in her position has ever made on American Idol. The judges and audience can’t pan the song, and likewise they can’t pan the singer. She now has the entire southern and ‘heartland’ vote tonight. Smart cookie, even if the song was a cheesy, karaoke version of the original.

David C

So if Kristy Lee Cook is the BAD COOK on American Idol this year, then David Cook is the GOOD Cook. In fact, he’s like the gourmet five star executive chef! Bringing together flavors and memorable entrees for weeks now!

It was stunning. It was brilliant. I had to watch it over and over and over again. Then we watched it yet again even. Brilliant.

With David’s performance tonight, he has cracked my upper echelon of American Idol contestants this year. Previously this position was only held by David A (who has been slipping lately). David Cook is gaining solid ground in my top 2.

This one deserves a video: (only the 2nd video yet)

[flashvideo filename=video/ai-davidcook.flv /]

And now for predictions:

Bottom 3

TLB: Ramiele, Kristy, Jason C
Braun: Ramiele, Kristy, Carly

WhiteEyebrows: Ramiele, Chickezie, Kristy

Who Should Go (We all agree): (umm… i don’t know… anyone who pouts a lot and has a comb over… or who says “bye bye” a lot)

Who Will Go (Brauns): Ramiele
Who Will Go (WhiteEyebrows): Kristy (she’s got to be sick of hanging out in the bottom 3 every week… put her out of her misery already, America!)

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Reviewed”

  1. Talk about a major divide tonight between David Cook and the rest of the contestants. Good thing he went last otherwise it would have been all down hill from there.

    Here’s my take:

    Ramiele: BARF!!!! Who is voting for her? She is just a little teeny bopper who has no idea who she is as an artist.

    Jason: Such potential but just not cutting it. I am still rooting for him, I love his voice and he is fun to watch too. I am wanting to hear him sing a Counting Crows song.

    Syesha: I thought she did great and I thought she looked really great tonight too. She is really really pretty. I just hope that it wasn’t a little too late to finally pull something out of her hat.

    Chickeze: I enjoyed the performance, but I don’t know if he has discovered who he is yet either. He is either a big goofball or singing Luther Vandross love songs. I actually prefer the Luther Vandross side to be honest with you. I love the tone to his voice and the judges keep saying he isn’t making it current, but that is what I love him is that he is unique and his voice is pure.

    Brooke: I totally agree with the judges, I felt like the song went downhill once the band joined in. I can appreciate that she stopped and restarted (I was the queen of that at piano recitals) but it did make me nervous through the rest of the song. I had to go back and listen to it again, just so I could enjoy it.I really love her tone I think it is beautiful.

    Michael: Desperate attempt. “I have got bad marks the last couple of weeks, oh look, a Queen song,I think I will sing that since Bohemian Rhapsody got such good marks in Hollywood week”
    I thought it was just okay. If the only thing he can really sing is Queen then he needs to go front a cover or tribute band.

    Carly: Whatever, she did good I guess, I am just not loving her.

    David A: He does so much better when he stands center stage and sings the ballads. His dancing is totally white boy (or white eyebrows according to W.E.)

    Kristy: As much as she is not the best singer, there is something about her that I like. She is just fun to watch. Really upbeat.

    David C.: Nothing more to say than WOW! I loved it, watched it three or four times. I just hope for his sake he is not the next A.I. I think he would do better without that title. Give it to little David A.

  2. Okay here it goes


    I don’t know what it is. I hardly watch TV and if I do it’s for noise or company when my hubby is out of town, not because of compulsion or whatever. But I just LOVE AI this year. I feel like an idiot admitting it, but it’s so true. I am sick, very sick. But on the other hand, with my “rut” type life it’s very nice to have little thing to look forward to.

    Hubby and actually watched it with me last (as he review talked for the stake missionary committee) so I may throw in his comments here adn there….

    Ramielle — you konw what I am going to say… I CAN’T STAND HER. She only CONFIRMED my annoyances about her. Remember how I commented that she acting like (said in baby voice) being everyone’s shnoooky poooh pooh. ARGATGARAGAHHHHHH!!!!! She is so annoying and the “bye bye” thing. AK! Not only that but she sang one of my all time favorite songs and oh, it was dreadful. Please please send her home america. Please. Kristy is a million times better.

    Jason – I agree with YFC and W.E.. I am still a fan, I still like him but yeah sometimes he is just there, singing great, but there. I think he does need to be careful of the Amanda thing…

    Syesha – yeah she was good, but she is not good enough I am afriad. The song was good even the hubby liked it, I just think that her competition is too big this year. What I mean is, I have like 4 performances I want to see again, and she isn’t one of them. She did well, but her competition is just so much more intersting. I think she’s still in it, but not the top top top.

    Chickese- funny I was a little bored. I mean it was sung well, and it was fine, and it would have been too much to freak out on stage again. But it’s sorta whatever…

    Brooke – I was the same as YFC , I was nervous beucase of her start over. However, I liked the performance and I even liked the band coming in. I think it was good. And … oh yeah I had to laugh because did you see at the beginning when they all came out on stage? Ramielle was standing next to Brooke. Ramielle looked like a shlump. Her clothes are falling off, her high waisted shorts (that were too short) looking all 80s with these wierd boots. She looked like she went to the garbage to find her outfit. She looked atrocious. Then standing next to Brooke who is elegant and neat and standing with class. It just was the funniest juxtaposition I have seen. I was just going thats perfect explanation right there, you can vote for class or for the shlump.

    Michael – sorry W.E. but HE’S BACK. I know you still do’nt like him. but he was there, he was entertaining and he was great. NOw of course the thing is can he do anything else but Queen? Appears not, since his star was sinking faster than ice cream on a Phoenix sidewalk. So we’ll see, but he was entertaining and fun and it was so much better.

    Carly – another one of my all time favorite songs. It was okay. HOwever I did miss about 1/2 of the song cause hubby and I had to comment on her HIDEOUS outfit, her horrible habit of showing off her tats and how distracting they are. We thought she was a really cute little girl, and then seeing her was like ewwwww…

    David A. – I hadn’t heard the song before so the first 1/3 I was just thinking what is this? But then I really sunk into it and really liked it. His dancing doesn’t bother me a bit. Maybe cause I don’t worry about it loooking like an idol I just see a kid up there. So it seems to fit. He is so great. I watch his face while he sings and he really looks relaxed when he’s actually singing. HE is so sweet adn the whole thing about prom was really cute. I love watching him try to not be nervous while the judges comment. He’s pretty humble and just taking it all in.

    Kristy – it was much better. I think she’s sung it before, maybe even multiple times. It fit her personality, it is a great song. She acted a million times more comfortable singing it. She was great. I think she should stay in it, cause I don’t think she’s had a fair shake for a couple of weeks, but I would be okay if she left, she’s not the top tier.

    David C. – Speaking of top tier. Wow. I have said it before, he looks like he is there. Hubby said it all reminded him of Daughtry. And I said I like him better though. Hubby said he might like him better too. I am sorry but that was a super risky thing to do, and even in the beginning I could still hear M.J. singing it in the back of my mind, but then it all just came together in this most amazing brilliant way. It was wow… I agree completely with YFC, he shouldn’t even win the competition because that would limit him too much. He is just amazing and is already and idol. Wowsers.

    OK – it has to be said, Paula THE OUTFIT! oh my goodness. What got to your “blouse”, a mean little rat? It came to the shoulder on one side adn the other looked like it had been mauled to death. Then the gloves, oh my good ness, then she had to put the rings and bracelets over the gloves, which only confirmed the fact that she knew the gloves were on her body! I think she’s trying to look like an idol herself so we will buy her DVD/CD thing, but oh my… It was a psychotic outfit.

    Oh and AI producers, thank you for putting the lid on the inside joke, annoying exchanges with Paula-Simon and Simon-Ryan etc. It was much better last night.

    Better finish just found the little one with makeup all over rubbed around with some vaseline for good measure. Bath time.

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