Top 12 Revealed and another prediction

I hate to pat myself on the back…. … … but… … …

I was totally right this week! And what makes it even better is that the people I said should go home, actually went home!

I’m stoked about this top 12. Exactly what needed to happen happened. 11 weeks from now we’ll have our AI… and I have a sneaky suspicion that this year it’ll be… a…. guy!

Can someone PLEASE get Ramiele a tissue. The poor girl sure can call up the water works quick! Is she just one of those people who love everyone so much that she just can’t stop her emotions? I’m a little disturbed for her.

And now a personal note:

Dear Danny,

A big jk on all those lol moments we had tgthr. You truly were tmth for the whole country to handle. I hope you have a wonderful and fun-filled life. I hope all your wildest dreams come true. You just weren’t our American Idol. (and heaven help this nation if someone like you ever is…)


ps > For good measure (and to burn Tamara’s eyes) I had to throw your pic up one more time!


3 thoughts on “Top 12 Revealed and another prediction”

  1. My eyes!!! MY EYES!!!!!! W.E., I thought we were friends. That was just cruel! My only consolation is that I agree. 4 people who needed to go went home.
    Oh and Danny? Don’t bother to KIT. You’re TMTH 4 me 2.

  2. YES I have beent thinking the winner is a guy too. Here’s what I think of the talent left as of now. I am not saying this is how they will leave or anything. Just the order of likeablity and talent right now. It’s pretty scientific formula…

    TALENT (squared) + Likeability + personality + genuine-ness – annoying me to death= my ranking

    Thus Ramiele doesn’t get a good rating not because she can’t sing, but because her quotient of annoyance is very high. So there is the short explanation… here are the rankings.

    1. David Archuleta
    2. David Cook
    3. Brooke White
    4. Carly Smithson
    5. Jason Castro
    6. Syesha Mercado
    7. Michael Johns
    8. Kristy Cook
    9. Chickezie
    10. Ramiele
    11. David Hernandez
    12. Amanda Overmeyer

    Funny enough, I think that this year is the best talent-wise. I think all of the above listed in the top 8 or 9 could win the whole thing if they had made it in another year.

    Ramiele’s fake tears are ridiculous. I believe that she is sad/upset her friends leave, but can you LOVE someone that much in 7 weeks of knowing them. C’mon, get real. It gives me a crying/emotion headache just watching her. Get some REAL problems in life, and then you’ll know true sadness. I would hate to have to see her have a problem like her home being forclosed due to unemployment or lose a child in an accident or something truly terrible.

    Danny was driving me nuts. STOP FIDGETING! Picking your fingernails, shifting your wieght from one “hip” to another, crossing yoru legs back and forth, flicking your hair, I could go on…. What are you a 6 year old little girl? My kids fidget less than you do. I don’t care if you are trying not to cry. I don’t care if you are trying to look like a picked on little first grader. All he needed to do is hold his crotch and whine that he needed to go potty in a baby voice. Man he was killing me. I couldn’t even watch it. I had to close my eyes and just listen to the conversation without wathching. Thank heavens he is gone.

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