Top 8 Girls Reviewed

So will someone tell me what was wrong with Paula tonight?  Or every night, for that matter.  It’s almost like she was less drunker than usual – she was trying a lot harder to make sense.  And she was biting Simon’s arm at one point?  And Simon can’t get his arm off her chair… what is going on with that?

Now to the reviews…

Asia’h Epperson

I didn’t think her song was good enough.  It was a total karaoke version of Whitney’s song.  And what was she wearing?? Those ultra-granny waisted pants were something else!  I kind of liked the whole truly 80’s retro feel of the whole thing, but overall the singing should have been better.

Kady Malloy

Barf.  I think Kady is getting her ticket home.  I thought the song was really bad.  It was a great song choice, but it showed her vocal flaws and in her inability to actually sing through a song.  She just tried to push out the notes way too hard… it was almost like she was trying to give birth to each supposedly emotional moment.

Amanda Overmyer

Amanda had lots of cool 80’s rock to choose from, so I was a little disappointed that this was the best she could come up with.  She did sing the heck out of it, though.  Better than last week, for sure.  She definitely did enough to stay in it this week.

Carly Smithson

I thought this was one of the best performances.  Her vocals were spot on, and she seemed like she really tapped into the energy of the 80’s.  Whoever was in charge of her makeup went a little too high-glam with it, though.  Where did the tattoo chick go under all that skin smoothing foundation and luscious lip color?

Simon seems to be muttering to himself more than usual tonight…

Kristy Cook

Awesome song choice…  and she really did a nice job with it, I thought.  She definitely belongs in that more country-esque niche.  Not sure if she has the blow-you-away-ness that Carrie Underwood did, but she could go further if she stuck with that niche.  The last note was a bit of a wreck, sadly.

Ramiele Mallubay

I’m not sure I liked this song on her voice… but she does have a voice that’s distinctly hers.  She has a nice well developed sound.  She definitely needs to be in the top 12.  Simon was absolutely right… it was predictable and didn’t have us out of our chairs.

Brooke White

Wow… I thought this was a super performance.  She also has a very distinct sound to her voice that is very unforgettable, even more so than Ramiele.  I loved the simple instrumentation of the song, but it would have been cool if it went somewhere, if it added instrumentation and crescendoed.  Oh well… it gave her a chance to just hang out there and do her own thing.  Oh, and by the way, she really looked cute tonight.  Peach is a good color on her.

Syesha Mercado

I thought the song was a little boring and predictable for that big huge voice she has.  It was kind of a wasted opportunity for her – she can do so much more!  I guess the judges wasted too much time rambling before, cause they had to only give one word responses to Syesha… oh well.  We didn’t miss their commentary too much.

Maybe I should just try to use one word to describe each contestant…

Nah… I’m get paid by the word. 🙂


Who should go: Asia’h & Kady
Who will go: Asia’h & Kady (i just can’t see it going any other way)

Best of the night:  Brooke White

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