Happy Birthday to You!

Yup! You are now twenty hmmm hmm. Wow!

Hope you have a nice birthday and a fun day.

Memories for enjoying… Declaring when you grow up you are going to be an elephant, singing in the bathroom, commentating family basketball games, being first mate on the boat, bleaching/dying your red hair with jello and koolaid packets, you reading scripture after scripture to us at Sunday dinner, always being the favorite of the primary song leader.. so much so you had a debut at 4 years old as the sacrament meeting chorister cause the ward thought it was so cute. Hanging up on me when I called from the school to ask mom if I could play with a friend after school. Fracturing your arm falling off a bar 4 feet from the ground. How’s that start… You are one in a million White Eyebrows!

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Humans Come First

I guess I’m not a “pet” person.

We used to beg my mom for pets. She was always adamantly anti-pet, so we were raised without very many pets and without great sympathy for animals either. In spite of that early programming, one of my brothers in particular tried endlessly to get mom to agree to various pets. Only one type was a non-starter: cats. Mom was allergic (turns out, so am I).

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The Last Day of My Mid-Twenties

This Thursday will mark my twenty hmm-hmm birthday.

That’s right, twenty hmm-hmm.

We’re not focusing on the number this year, because it feels like I’m marking the end of my mid-twenties and the beginning of my late-twenties, something I’m not entirely comfortable with yet.

I don’t like to make a big deal out of birthdays, mostly because it’s so awkward to have to stand there by a cake while people sing the Birthday Song. I’m never quite sure if I should sing along, make eye contact, do a lyrical ballet, or just feel awkward that everyone is staring at me and singing a really stupid song… especially if they sing it really slow.

So tomorrow will probably be the last day of my mid-twenties, and I have no plans. So to you, my faithful blog readers, I pose the question: if you had one last day to be in your mid-twenties, what would you do with it?


I haven’t made any secret to anyone who is close to me (especially my family) what a crappy week this has been. I’ve fought several battles this week and lost most of them.

Last night I decided that I was going to post today about all of my problems, air all of my grievances, and get all of my faithful readership on my side. I was going to expose all of the injustice in my life; the interior pressures, all of the exterior traumas, and especially how I got screwed out of $150.

Then my mom instant messaged me.

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Why Otis Died

A little over a year ago, my pet cockatiel, Otis, passed away. Otis and I had only known each other for a couple of years (I was his 3rd owner), and he was quite a neurotic bird, already quite damaged by living in so many different locales with so many different owners.

I still wondered exactly why Otis died, though. He had plenty of food and plenty of water. I cleaned his cage out regularly and took him out to play with him often. He wasn’t super old or anything… So what, exactly, did Otis die of? I feel like I have now discovered the answer… Continue reading Why Otis Died