TLS Breaks Out

For those of you who enjoyed The Lovely Sister’s hostile takeover of my blog, as well as her other guest blogs, I am as proud as punch to announce that she has decided to start her own blog!

You can read her blabber at:

Good luck, TLS.  We’ll miss your guest blogs here, and hopefully every once in a while you’ll pull double duty and impart some of your wisdom to us. (Wisdom which has come through a lifetime of association with me, your fine WhiteEyebrowed brother)

** WARNING: This is no excuse for any of my blog traffic/readers to defect and enjoy her blog more.  Please note that my ego requires much more stroking than TLS’, so please keep up that important work, my dear readers.

San Antonio and Bandera Texas – The Cowboy Capital of the World

Last weekend, as a celebration of sub $2/gallon gasoline, the open road called our names and a road trip was embarked upon!

The first stop was San Antonio – and the famous River Walk.  Uhhh…. hello!?!  The sidewalks are quite narrow and there are no safety rails!  This is an accident just waiting to happen!  The river is deep, too: eight feet.  This is no “Small World” ride, you’re gonna have to swim if you fall in!

I learned that, on average, four people per week fall into the river.  Our river guide informed us that the last person fell in not because of drunkenness, but because they were TXT messaging.

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At a very young age, I remember going with my siblings and some of my cousins to the city park to play.  One such time, when we were going to be staying for a while, my aunt packed us a lunch.  When she asked what kind of sandwich I wanted, I replied with one of my most favorite concoctions: peanut butter and honey.

We went to the park, romped around and got really tired, and then it was time for lunch.  I was really excited to take a huge bite of that peanut butter and honey sandwich!  When I took the first bite and began to chew, though, I was in for one of the rudest surprises of my life… there were CHUNKS of something in my sandwich!  I had clearly asked for a peanut butter and honey sandwich, not a peanut butter, honey, and rocks sandwich.

My tender young palate was not ready for my first experience with chunky peanut butter, and if I remember right, I don’t think I even took a second bite of the sandwich.

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Election Fallout: Race, Media, Taxes, and Gay Marraige

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 24 hours, let me be the first to tell you: Obama was elected last night.  …And the sky has yet to fall  …And hell has yet to freeze over.

America is still the nation we were yesterday: slightly center-right and pro-family.  Obama hasn’t given away the nuclear codes or promised to sell Alaska back (get rid of Sarah Palin?), and doesn’t seem to be taking many meetings with William Ayers or any of his other ‘terrorist friends.’

Where is the devil child I was warned about?  How disappointing.

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Still Undecided, and Growing Apathetic

I’m still not sure who I’ll be pressing the button for tomorrow, Obama and McCain both present positions that are untenable in my opinion.  Neither of them represent my core values and beliefs on the role of government.  I can’t even pull a “lesser of two evils” as I did in 2004, because these guys are so off-their-rocker that it’s just sad!

It’s not like it matters much, though.  I live in the state of Texas, which will send all its electoral votes for McCain, no questions asked.  Most of you who read my blog are from either Texas or Utah, which both enjoy a stranglehold by the Republican party in Presidential politics.  So whoever I vote for would be a vote of conscience, without much real meaning.

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Washington DC – A Travel Guide

I went on this vacation to fulfill a simple goal: to go somewhere I had never been.  Considering this modest goal, I really overachieved!  I saw some of the coolest stuff, enjoyed perfect weather, ate some great food, and ran around with wonderful travel companions.

While we didn’t leave much undone (we did around 30 sites total!), there are still a few things left to do on my next trip to DC.  Here are the few things we wanted to do, but couldn’t because of time constraints or closures:

  • Beaurau of Printing and Engraving
  • Museum of American History
  • National Cathedral
  • Monticello

All in all, though, this was the best trip ever!

If you’re going to DC, here are a few basic tips:

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