I Have Two Words for Adam Lambert



Glad I’m not the only one in America who realizes that he isn’t God’s sole gift to music…

Being the only contestant EVER who was smug enough to actually “pick” between two groups of contestants (without a second thought), made this moment even more PRICELESS….


(holy crap… we beat out the emo-eyeliner-boy and the tweener?  amazing!!)

A Few Thoughts

Just a few thoughts…

  • I really hope that even though Normand Gentle didn’t make it through, he gets some kind of gainful employment… perhaps as an ice cream salesman.  Or better – they should fire Ryan and hire Norman.  He’d be a breath of fresh air!
  • Adam Lambert, now that he’s in, will need to stop wearing girls jeans for me to stop hating on him.  Let’s take it one step at a time: first the girls jeans, then the black fingernail polish, then a mans hair cut.  That will do it for me.
  • I am very excited that Kris made it.  He earned it, based on last night.  I just hope that Matt Giraud get’s a second chance in the wildcard round.
  • Brooke White’s song was oh so incredibly boring!  Boring boring.  Really?  That was the best single she could come up with an entire year after American Idol?  I’ve written better songs for church road shows…
  • I’m having mixed feelings about Paula saying she was going to perhaps leave the show.  I certainly wouldn’t miss her, but would miss making fun of her.  I like Kara more, except how she keeps trying to sell people on the open market.
  • The American Idol ‘retrospective’ was shameless filler.  More of that and I’ll have to put in a call to my contacts at Fox.

For reals, though.  What will I do without Normand?  He was my only hope for this season…


We’ll miss you Normand!